70s schwinn speedster project.

Went to torque the head studs and one snapped on me. Found out the reason why its grinding. Ordered 2 new head studs from bike burny because I could not find any threaded rod with the right pitch and width in town or online.


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These are m6 by 1.25.
I think you might mean M6 x 1.00 for the 48cc.

I could be 1.25 but tI don't think so on the M6 size metrics.

Maybe someone else will know for sure before you order a helicoil kit like this one below.

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I had brought the stud to the hardware store since I don't have a screw pitch gage and I matched it up to a pitch that said 1.25, must have been in the wrong box or I simply misread. Anyhow it doesn't matter since ace didn't have any 6mm studs with the same pitch or enough length.
Town has an ace and a lowes but neither had a stud that matched width, pitch or was long enough. Closest match was a 6mm hex bolt 90mm long with a pitch that was too fine.

If you told them 6mm x 1.25mm They won't have it because it don't exist :LOL:

you want 6mm x 1.0mm all thread