72V 3000W Cyclone Electric and Gas Generator Build (SBP kit) - Three Phase Dev

HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... :ROFLMAO: WTF did i just do? I have the generator mounted onto the bike; it has a few slight vibration issues. I really feel like the muffler is causing a noise (separate from this project) that is really irking me. All the bolts are tight on it. But anyways, I used 2x2 green treated lumber to mount it; I will add some additional support tomorrow and then paint and eventually add a metal mount around that. Half the s**t on this bike is held on by electrical tape at the moment. It is only there to hold it in place while I figure out a more appropriate mount. The design for the fairings is also below. It actually looks pretty crap; the fenders I will paint. I don't know maybe a sports bike look don't look good on a cruiser. Tomorrow is last day of build spree; I will mount the batteries to the top tube, add additional support to the mount, try to take Cyclone off other bike again, and convert 84V charger to 42V.

If I cannot get the Cyclone off; apparently I need like $150 worth of parts if I can just get the motor off to put it on the new bike. But the new bike has derailleur issues and I am kinda sick of the mid drive chain and it fits great on the other bike. So, I might look to sell that bike and motor. That leaves me with the cruiser. It has a 500W hub which is like 20-22 mph top speed; super slow. I dont know what to do. 72V hub motors are ridiculously priced and my batteries can only be in 36 or 72V configurations. If I can sell the batteries and old bike for like $400-500 then I can buy a 1500W hub motor with a 52V battery (~500Wh) and work with that. Not sure if anyone would pay that for my Cyclone LOL.

Click below for laughs. :LOL:



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All it takes is an extra pulley in the pull start housing to change the pull direction. It does look very similar to the huasheng 49cc. You should do minor mods to the engine to increase efficiency and power without lowering mpg much, such as a port/polish and adjust the valve lash. Get a stronger ngk spark plug, a free flowing exhaust and air filter. Ok, you might have to upjet, but the engine won't have to rev as high to get the same power output.

I am not sure. Its totally encased in hard plastic and s**t is coming out of it everywhere. I don't think I want to mess with it for now...
Bakaneko --

Wow! I just read this entire thread and am very impressed with all the work you've done. Congratulations! You've inspired me to consider a series-hybrid as a long-range project. I can envision my ebike becoming a modular system, with a motor/controller/small battery (500 watthours) mounted on the bike in conventional fashion. The bike is relatively light, nimble and very pedal-friendly (a big priority for me). But for the occasional long-range tour, connect a trailer loaded with all the heavy items: the generator, larger batteries and fuel tank. Just hook up the trailer, plug in the electrical harness, and -- presto! -- in less than a minute I now have an ebike with unlimited range.

If you have time, could you clarify the gearing specs on your Cyclone drivetrain?
How many teeth on the motor freewheel (14)?
How many teeth on the outer ring driven by the motor (44)?
How many teeth on the inner ring(s) that connect(s) to the back wheel (36)?
Are you running a cassette or freewheel on the rear wheel, how many speeds and what's the tooth count for each cog?
Lastly, with your controller, have you made any use of the 3-speed option? (An optional 3-way switch that gives 80%, 100% and 130% power).

Don't be discouraged about the rusted cranks/bottom bracket. The motor's the most expensive part, and it sounds like you can still salvage that. Thanks again for all your effort -- very much appreciated!
Hi. Thanks for the kind words. I have been so busy with work (extra hours) and injury that I cannot work on my the new bike build but I will have the next two days to really get something done... I HOPE! I am glad you are considering the full series hybrid (battery range extender hybrid = real stupid name for it) build. The 800W (continuous) generator is 22lb dry and mebe 25lb wet. It isn't that bad but 25lb is still considerable on a light bike. There is a 500W Powerhouse available but at a high premium since it is no longer made ($240 on eBay). I got mine on a good sale for $150. Depending on your motor, 500wH battery with a strong charger/generator is enough. No need to get a bigger battery for touring.


- Motor is 13T freewheel
- Outer ring is 44T
- Inner rings are 36T or 44T (I use 36T but its bent from crank removal so unless its bent back might got to 44T)
- 6 cassette on old bike, 7 cassette on new (but on new bike they fk up the derailleur arm so like only 3-5). Teeth I dunno just standard. But on gear 1-2 on 72V Cyclone you can easily hit 25-30 mph.
- I use 130 power option; SBP version of Cyclone has bluetooth programmable controller; havent done it yet but will do after i get this build going

Cyclone is a great motor. Just make sure before you install it to replace stock grease in internal gears with premium gear grease. The motor is a brute; I am not even hitting its potential (rarely warm) since my batteries are only capable of like 20A so about 1500-2000W max. The Cyclone is like 3000W and 5000W peak.

EDIT: Note, I think it is possible to make the inframe generator modular on a cruiser frame (with full S down tube and no secondary top tube) such that you can take it off and on with a clip or something. The generator is a good reliable engine; well designed and researched. I just dont have mechanical skill to do so. I can imagine you swap out generator for an additional battery pack or vice versa as riding situation requires. NOTE, the additional battery pack must be at near same voltage as primary pack before parallel connection or else...
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Somehow miraculously the lock ring for the pedal crank and sprocket came loose and after some ginger fidgeting around I was able to unscrew it from the bottom bracket with the pedal crank still on. Now, I have the Cyclone on there but since the 36T sprocket got bent removing it from the other bike and I don't think I can true it (not expensive to replace) it is on the 44T sprocket and since the bike was designed for a 36T sprocket basically its stuck in a certain gear ratio (2nd gear) not that it matters anyways since the derailleur is trash. But, with this setup I still should be able to hit upper 30s if not 40s. Got one more day to work on it. Did a lot today but will just take it easy and do some updates rather than rush it to completion.

- Reinforce the generator mount
- Create the battery mount and mount the batteries
- Replace the cruiser bike swept back handle bars with mountain bike straight bar (I just don't like that cruiser sitting position and handle bars)
- Mebe mount the controller and throttle and hook it all up...

Also, power out for 6 hours so had time to do this. I used the generator to charge my phones and laptop while everyone else in the cul de sac was without power. :ROFLMAO:
I don't like to be negative (no, honestly I don't!), but one thing really stuck in my mind from the video...
Those long reach single pivot caliper brakes are going to be hopeless at 40mph.
I don't like to be negative (no, honestly I don't!), but one thing really stuck in my mind from the video...
Those long reach single pivot caliper brakes are going to be hopeless at 40mph.

they are squeeking like crazy too. i usually dont go that fast though just 20-25mph. i need to clean the rim after all that building and grease. i did a test ride with it together. it feels real heavy; mebe its cruiser profile though i replaced cruiser handle bar with mountain. rode it slow first time found a whole buncha updates and stuff to tighten then did a faster run. im glad i dont have to worry about side panier generator when leaning into a turn now.

have to tidy up wires and then figure out the styling. cant do ducati anymore since rims are blue. i actually dont like blue at all. mebe bmw style naked bike look? i dunno; cant leave it like this though lol. :ROFLMAO:

less updates now till i get it all set with fairings and look.



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Sorry for the spam. Next update will be completed design which will be 2+ weeks. But, I had a chance to ride it a bit more after tightening everything and I think it is solid. It rides so much smoother than my old mountain bike probably because its a new bike. The mountain bike handlebars on the cruiser does make it semi aggressive riding position but that is what I like from my motorcycle days. No shocks kinda suck but eh its still pretty smooth. I guess no off roading for me. I rode it about 25 miles and 7-9 miles on the generator. The generator vibrations are pretty much the same as our kits when it is frame mounted; I barely felt it when it was so low and a side pannier on the mountain bike. Was hoping that translate but no or maybe my mount sucks.

But, here is the design for the fairings. I am going to do a scrambler style with some street fighter elements. Will get a traditional big round headlight and brown faux leather seat to complete the look. Fairings will be gray top, black mid with orange straight highlights. Will get a piping to route the exhaust to the back. Will take some time to get this done.

Most likely I will not go cross state this summer but the fall. I am scared of random summer thunderstorms really messing me up so early/mid fall.

I kinda hate the blue rims. Can I spray paint this black? I have rim caliper brakes. I am not sure if it will fook up the braking.


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Okay, it needs more paint. the plastic paneling does not retain paint well. the white paint i bought for the top battery/gas tank part looked so bad that i just painted it over with black and put a strip of faux leather on top. im not in love with this design. i also need to make a transition between the leather and plastic paneling. i am thinking some scrap thin wood. well... i still really like the ideal of a different color for the top so i dunno. the big headlight came and im really satisfied with its look. just waiting on taillight and tan colored seat.


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Aight guys, I am just about done with the bike. I think I coulda done a better job on the fairings and look but I just wanna ride at this point. It rode real smooth today though I might get a seat post suspension to save my balls (no suspension bike). Here is a walk around video; I only need to protect the bottom of the bike/components with a mud guard and attach the rear light when it comes at this point. Oh, also replace a battery module.

- 72V 3000W Cyclone on a cruiser frame
- 72V 16aH ~1kwH battery (chinese domestic cells)
- 800W 40cc 4-stroke generator w/ .66 gallon fuel tank
- Two chargers - 240W (home) and 420 (road)
- 20-22mph (headwind), 23-25mph (tailwind) little/no battery consumption on generator (420W)
- Top speed ~40mph
- 110-130 miles on generator on .66 gallons + 15-25 miles on full battery
- Two modes = <10 miles just ebike, >10 miles or random cruising generator setup
- Weight = 100lbs