73 Schwinn Cruiser

This is my second bike but first engine. I put a 70cc NT kits on my road bike for a couple of weeks but i saw this beauty at a yard sale and I thought it would be perfic(and i would have use of my excersie bike again) Its a 73 Schwinn Suburban


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I bet that engine install was effortless.
Sometimes I wonder if the Happy Time was designed for such a bike.
It looks very nice.
That 36 tooth sprocket and those skinny tires,how fast?
I have a suburban with a motor too... Worst possible bike for this application in my opinion.
I've only pushed it to 27 because the motor is breaking in but i still have some throtle to give
there is a larger tire available, 1 3/8 knobby type. I'd really suggest that. I put it on my motoschwinn and I stopped blowing tires right and left.
Oh another hint for the Suburban, get the mountain bike brake pads.... I've got 2500 miles on my 73 Suburban and have a bit of experience with this bike.
thanks for the tips,
I wasn't sure what my tire options were for this bike, a friend had said they would be hard to find, bigger tires would really help with road vibration.
and better brakes are also a must these pads just don't have the stopping power I need at these speeds
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