79 CC HF shaft size??

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  1. does anyone know what size the output shaft is on a harbor freight 79cc? I would like to use a centrifugal go-cart style clutch on my next build and am doing as much price planning/investigating as possible before I begin.

  2. ronphelps

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    5/8" shaft dia. price about $30.00. I put one on mine, bike does about 38mph. 25mph comfortable ride. with jackshaft assembly
  3. butterbean

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    Like to know where you got a 79cc for $30, as I paid $85 for mine with a 20% off coupon. An exact build cost will depend on what parts you want to use and whether you will purchase bolt on and go parts or assemble them yourself. Top speed will depend on your gearing choice, and that's completely up to you, you can go as fast or slow as you want, you can even install a shift kit if you've got a bike with gears and are inclined to do so. There is a lot to know going into a custom build like this.
  4. ronphelps

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    I got the clutch 5/8" from ebay, easy to get. $85.00 paid too much. I ride mine back and forth to work daily for one year. 25miles added both ways.

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