79cc Harbor Freight engines

Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by rotax, May 17, 2016.

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  1. rotax

    rotax Guest

    try not to run the Torch plug there junk. mite as well be a AC plug. take out and realy place every 30 to 40 miles at best. NGK, Bosch or Denso are some of the best. Over 40 years of kart racing, Flat track bikes racing & stock cars one thing I know is plugs. Take the head off & take it to your good local (Muchinus) " Sorry for the miss spelling"
    Take your head in with your Torch plug & the new plug your wanting to run. Be it NGK, Bosch or Denso or the plug you best like. Let them the Mic- cut off the top of the head to make up the difforan.
    Now days tring to find a good shop, "Thats a hole store in its self" Good luck.
    Happy Trailes, Rotax
    Next I think I found a good clutch for the 79cc. We'll see

  2. GhettoBike

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    There's a jackshaft that works Great

    Jack Shaft.jpg