79CC vs 212Cc Predator. Going for an enduro type build

Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by Logan Nobles, Dec 1, 2016.

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  1. Logan Nobles

    Logan Nobles Guest

    Hey everybody.
    I finished my first china girl build and I'm ready to build a new bike, something more reliable. I'd also like to take it off roading somewhat.
    So My plan is to build something that looks like a motoped. Dirt bike seat, plastics, and tank, with a four stroke engine. But, no rear suspension... I'm not ready for that much engineering. OK, maybe I am, but I'd rather get more experience with building bikes (instead of go karts) first.

    I do have experience with 212cc predators but I've never bought a 79. I have a 212cc that I got from Necromancer, and a schwinn sierra frame. I'm just kind of scared to see what the 212 will do. Seems like it will be powerful, fast, and heavy. My question is, is it too heavy? Too powerful?

    Any thoughts between the two? I plan to gear either engine down with a jackshaft and remove the governor. Also upgrade exhaust and intake.

    Thank you

  2. darwin

    darwin Well-Known Member

    Just my 2 cents, if I were to build a 212cc bike I think a Yamaha xt250 would be a better path/choice. Just too much power and fast for a regular bicycle and its stress on the components. Folks on here do it and they are amazing bikes. Mostly though they are pros and do it right so the bike is safe. 79CC would be the absolutely biggest motor I'd consider putting on a bicycle. Actually a 49/53cc is, I'm just trying to answer your ? here. 79cc is what, 3hp? That's enough for me.
  3. Jonj57

    Jonj57 Active Member

    79CC would be the way to go with a sturdy mountain bike frame. They're built to take abuse, come with suspension, and usually have a larger area for an engine bay. I'd see if you could secure a GTS -2 dual suspension frame and a jackshaft for a 66cc with a reed setup. Full gear range, full suspension, and much easier to setup than a predator and much easier to replace, work on, and modify
  4. Jonj57

    Jonj57 Active Member

    Also heres a few dudes who made some dirt scramblers out of 66cc's, Looks like what you're trying to do maybe shoot them a message?