7g Ghost Racer not running: DESPERATE FOR HELP

Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by Free_Rider, Sep 1, 2016.

  1. Free_Rider

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    Hello all. I bought the 7g ghost racer kit about two months ago and its been giving me problems from day one. After installing the kit on my beach cruiser, the first thing I noticed was that the engine would not start with the choke on as shown here.

    Soo, I said what the hell, and started running bike as shown here with the choke off(skip to 3:05)

    To my surprise it started up just fine, ran what seemed to be ok, and would turn off when using the kill switch. I'm in the clear right? WRONG.

    Within the first week of riding it, the engine would die after coming to a dead stop and attempting to give it gas. I would have to start it up again with the choke off until it would spontaneously die on me after stopping again.

    Now, the the engine only runs about a block until it dies when I try to give it gas. As soon as I twist the throttle, its shuts down. I'm very frustrated trying to figure this out.

    I've cleaned the carb three times, checked my fuel line, filled up the gas tank but it just dies after trying to give it gas on my first stop.


    Just wanted to add that I changed the oil once but did not use 10-30 oil with detergent and additives.

    Any advice,help, or suggestions will be GREATLY appreciated.

    I'm bummed out. I wanted to take this to school and get all the chicks :(

  2. Jayroma

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    My experience with these honda clone engines are that they are solid engines. Guys get thousands of miles on these engines with little to no problems. The carbs are sensitive, if everything isn't sealed up correctly it can give problems. I would try a few things though, sometimes the fuel valve connected to the tank clogs, you may see fuel in the line but it might not be flowing. Pop the hose off the carb and see if the fuel drains out the hose smoothly. Then check your air filter and see of its clean. If its not then it could be putting crap back into the carb each time. Play around with the choke lever, putting it at 10%, 25%, 35% etc choke and see if that helps............. I'm not sure if this will cause that same problem that your having but your valves could be off. So readjusting your valves could fix something. I'm just spit balling here, trying to help anyway I can, but definitely don't give up. If all fails after that then I would suggest a new carb.
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  4. Free_Rider

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    Hi Jayroma. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and taking the time to write something rooted in your personal experience. I actually bought a new NT Carb and while it seemed like a promising fix at first, it would stall out and die soon after having started it. The Carb would "sneeze" out a mist of air and fuel before it died; very unusual thing to see which only furthered my suspicion that something more sinister is going on.

    I will tinker with the stock carb one last time to see if it does the job, but to be honest I'm ready to wave the white flag of defeat and buy a new Huasheng engine OR: get that extra half a horse power and get a 79cc predator. The guy in this vid has me totally excited and inspired.

    I lost my enthusiasm and spirit for this build I must admit. Went from cloud nine to totally heart broken.

    I'll keep the forum posted on my future build or if I get this resolved.

    Thanks again. Take care.
  5. Jayroma

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    ok, I saw that no one replied to ur post and was like poop dump.... bc it hurts when you have to take a loss like that... when you start the engine and its idling and ur about to give it gas, is the choke on or off at that point?
  6. Free_Rider

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    I do appreciate the response. I really do. As mentioned in my initial post, this engine was never able to start with the choke on, so it has always turned off on me running with the choke off. After starting it with the choke off(not sure if this was wise to do), it would run fine until I would come to a stop, then, when I would twist the throttle and give it gas, it would turn off on me. This became more and more frequent until it just wont start at all. Choke on or off. It will not kick over. Could the wiring job on the kill switch be shortening out something? Like the igniter?
  7. Jayroma

    Jayroma New Member

    So it sounds to me like your able to start it and ride but when you stop and throttle again, it just dies. man this is a tricky situation. You might be on to something, it might be the magneto messing up. and you already replaced the carb..... bc like i said these engines are crazy good. but im sure their is a 1 in 50,000 that has a hick up and it was unfortunately sent to you. If you were never able to use the choke then I think theres an air mixture problem. The intake bore might be to small. Your not putting oil in ur gas right lol im sure ur not lol will the company fix the problem? did u get it from gasbike.net or ebay? On a side note, i have also heard good news about the 79cc kits.
  8. Free_Rider

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    Tricky situation indeed. An no. No oil in gas hehe. Unfortunately, I didn't do my research and bought the kit impulsively from gasbike.net which makes my skin crawl with disgust every time I think of that name. As you know, they are notorious for letting their customers down. They sent me a poor manufactured transmission plate and sprocket, had to fight the hell out of them to send me a good one, and in the end got inevitably screwed. They ignore my calls or transfer me to some ghost who never answers. I don't know how those guys look themselves in the mirror.

    Anyway, I'll take into consideration all that you've shared and again, much thanks. Perhaps my loss can be someone's gain and not order from gasbike.
  9. Jayroma

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    Iv bought a few of the 4 stroke kits but I got the racer transmission. I found out that its best to buy them on ebay and Amazon bc if the manufacturer tries to pull a fast one, ebay and Amazon will atleast get your money back. I would try one last thing. Take off your transmission and try to start the bike up and throttle up. Sometimes the transmission can get jammed and kill the engine.
  10. KCvale

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    gasbike buys factory second non epa approved engines and the 7G the sucks.
    That aside, it sounds like a valve rocker arm issue to me.
    That is the parts under the silver cover on top of the engine.
    I don't have the settings in front of me so just search here for something like 'valve adjustment' or the like...
  11. Jayroma

    Jayroma New Member

    Ya, KC seems to know a lot, lol he might have just pegged the problem. Id defiantly look into that, before scrapping the kit.
  12. CrazyDan

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    Sounds like you are running rich. Would explain the lack of choke then dying when warmed up. Do you live in a high elevation?
  13. Free_Rider

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    Hi KC. Thanks for your comment. I bought myself a set of feeler gauges and checked the clearance on the intake and exhaust. Everything checked out fine. I found a local guy who works on small engines for a second opinion. He should be contacting me very soon for an appointment. I'll let the forum know that his assessment is.

    Take care.
  14. Free_Rider

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    Sup CRAZY Dan. Running rich eh? Interesting. I live in Los Angeles. When I've cleaned my carb, the gasket on the intake manifold is wet with gas. Is that indicative of running rich? Thanks in advance for any thoughts or suggestions.

    Take care