8 speed motor-bicycle on Honda GXH 50

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  1. alekor

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    Greetings the people!

    I represent you the eight speed motor-bicycle on engine Honda GXH 50!

    Bicycle merida m 90. The engine is established on a luggage compartment from an aluminium cross-section and steel corners (a design very rigid). Clutch and an adapter is bought on staton-inc.com.
    Reducer 5:1 from Chinese pocket bike.
    Rear a wheel with Shimano inter 8 Light with 77th roller brake.
    Bicycle chain.

    The maximum speed of 63 km/h (40 MPH). Fuel consumption of 1,5 litres/100 km (190 Miles/1 gallon).
    Weight of motor-bicycle 25 kg (55 pounds).

    Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fpk9YWOTATE


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  2. professor

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    Great job!
  3. Tanaka40

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    It May be legal in Russia , but in california you have to have pedals or its a motorcycle.
  4. moped-dan

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    That looks AWESOME! Looks like you could ride all day on that thing.
  5. alekor

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    Thanks! :)

    Yes, in Russia such motor-bicycle is legal. At us it is possible to go without the licence if the engine has volume less than 50 сс.

    Thanks! :)
    Yes, it so! I have specially made big a comfortable seat long to go without getting tired.

    The seat is made very simply - a springing basis of the bicycle chamber. From above parabosoms and a nylon cover.


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  6. vegaspaddy

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    excellent alekor,

    the seat is crazy, no keys in your back pockets !!!! and those mudguards look like a crazy homebrew too, that honda will let you ride the length of russia, if you so do desire....did you take of the governer. It looks like you have a homemade bracket up there.

    goodluck VP.
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  7. professor

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    That seat is a genius idea!
  8. alekor

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    Keys in a hip-pocket I do not carry - painfully to sit on a chair :)
    Wings look also the truth a little strange - I have made them of usual wings and have attached strips from plastic that water did not flow on feet. On sale of such wide wings at us is not present.

    At first I thought to use thick parabosoms - but it it has appeared too soft. To use springs too difficult. And the bicycle chamber replaces springs and has the compact size.
    Pressure in the chamber it is possible to regulate softness of a seat.
  9. Tanaka40

    Tanaka40 Member

    Now that is what I call very efficient recycling and true genius with very limited resources. Great job and keep us up to date on how the bike works. (maintenance, breakdowns ......)
  10. give me vtec

    give me vtec Active Member

    I like your seat!!!!! Dual purpose, you could use it in case of a flat tire too.... brilliant!!!
  11. alekor

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    Many spoke to me about the limited resource 8 speed hub Shimano. Shimano declares a resource of 50000 km (31000 miles) - I think the raised loading from the motor will lower a resource not so strongly (can be in 3-5 times) and 8 speed hub will serve 10000-15000 km (6000-10000 miles). Such resource will suit me - at us such barrel costs 200$.
    Other spare parts work with normal loading (a reducer, clutch).

    I already have an experience of use of a similar motor-bicycle. Last year I have made a motor-bicycle with 3 speed hub Shimano and engine Honda GX35 - http://www.motoredbikes.com/showthread.php?t=23339.
    The general run has made 2300 km (1500 miles). 3 speed hub Shimano has perfectly fulfilled without breakages. The chain was extended time in 1000 km (620 miles) and it was necessary to change it (it not a problem - the chain costs 5$).
    Then I have changed 3 speed hub on 8 speed hub Shimano (at it the big resource). And this year has put all on other bicycle and has established more powerful engine.
  12. 5-7HEAVEN

    5-7HEAVEN Guest

    What are parabosoms? Is it what I think it is?:jester:
  13. alekor

    alekor Member

    Excuse, an error, I had in view of - foam rubber... I have incorrectly translated a word
  14. alekor

    alekor Member

  15. Silvaire

    Silvaire Member


    Thank you for posting your pictures and video. I don't think I would last a day riding like you do in Russian traffic though!

    I think I hear the whine from the 5:1 pocket bike transmission in your video. I have a couple of old used scooters with these transmissions on them and mine sound like yours. I haven't yet tried one on an MB though, and probably will not. I wish they were quieter.

    Please keep us posted on how the Shimano 8 holds up for you. I have two bicycles (not motored) with these hubs and really like them.
  16. happycheapskate

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    I don't know what a Parabosom is, but that bike is a sight of the future! The seat is a genius idea. A commercially available couch with air adjustable cushion would be a huge hit in places where mopeds and mo bikes are common.

    EDIT: I saw you meant foam rubber. I am not sure what they are used for (besides water slide mats at amusement parks) but I found a large piece of a similar material, and I'm using it for a seat cover in a diesel truck.
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  17. Yer GX 50

    Nice, but seems overkill. Your top speed is 40 with a 50cc?

    Seems like waaaayyyy to much weight and not a big payoff on the speed.

    If ur gonna build a bike to carry that goliath, then you should be posting speeds of 50+

    At the very least you have convinced me that 50cc is just unecessary.

    FYI, you can pull 40mph out of a 33cc or 40cc tanaka with a pipe and carb and a little splash of Nitro methanol mixed into your fuel....

    But Im sure you didnt pay for that engine so I guess you really cant beat free...

    Am I the only one who thinks like this?

    FYI my buddy built his own motor bike using the GEBE ring , a generic belt and gear only and with a 25.4 cc **** engine he clocked on flat ground 44.7mph. My GEBE is stuck behind him at 35mph smelling his burnt fuel on the riverbed....
  18. Luka

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    Well, here in america there is no shortage of pairs of bosoms, MADE of foam rubber...

    :whistling: :devilish:
  19. 5-7HEAVEN

    5-7HEAVEN Guest

    Well, I don't think like this.

    To me, expecting 50mph from any 50cc engine is a LOT. Not too many engines this size on this forum can even break 40mph on a bicycle and a medium-to-large adult. Straight gas, no additives.
  20. happycheapskate

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    I think it would be better to run a 50cc that doesn't have to work hard than a 35cc that is straining its guts out to pull the same given speed.