8-Valve Indian (with Pedals)

Discussion in 'Antique Motorized Bicycles' started by MotorbikeMike, Jun 21, 2007.

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  1. HI All, well I got some great pics of some stuff I say this weekend. I went to AMCA swap meet and Concours show. Much of it was impressive, however, upon leaving the show, there was a tire shop with a Monark Super Twin, a kick-start Whizzer, A Harley Hummer, and a flat track (dirt type aka speedway) bike out front. Inside the door, as you walk in, was this stunning bike.
    I can reduce the pics, and post some others if interest exsists. Others you say? Hmmm What kind? circa 1908 Sears belt-drive single with wooden sheave, 1946 Excelsior with H-model Whizzer, a 1939 Whizzer serial number 002! Some Cushmans, Powels, and a bunch of other stuff.
    Ladies and Gentlemen, May I present to you the only 8-Valve Indian Board Track Racer (yes the real thing, and least the engine is, never sold to the public in the day) that I have ever seen in person. I suspect that it is Circa 1918............Drum roll????


  2. Hard to imagine muscling this machine at high speeds around a dirt or board track. Riders had some serious brass ones. I think its even earlier than 18'. I've got to go now and wipe the drool off the keyboard.
  3. JE

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    Sweet.I love the board trackers.I'm building my frame and tank for my next bike to resemble the board tracker look.My curent ride was heavely inspired by the board trackers.I'd love to see more pictures
  4. The "other" Board Track Racer

    Hi well Glad you like that beautiful Indian. This was a Harley 61cu in bike, I think it's actually brand new, built around a correct engine, with new components (if I'm wrong, please correct me). This bike was run several times I think, as I heard a "hit and miss" type engine running out of short pipes, as I was out in the distance viewing bikes, and shooting pics.
    Here is the Iron Dinosaur, which, Unrealistically, has no pedals, another reason I think it's a new build, Mike[​IMG]
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    Hi Mike,
    That is the real deal it is owned by Jurasic racing in Stergis,South Dakota.This guy restores,and builds some of the Coolest,and rarest Board track racers.I've wanted several of his bikes over the last 5 years.I've also bought several parts from them over the years.Great people to deal with too.Do you beleave he actualy rides that bike at several events,and shows.Its also been in several mag's like 3 or 4 in just the last year.
    I'm hoping some of the parts I bought will be used on one of my future projects.Right now I have an original Indian skiptooth sproket,chainguard.A set of Harley forks,and alot of small parts including an early Art deco goose neck.Most of the parts are early teens,and late twentys. Rod :cool:
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    Those are all pretty cool bikes . . .
    I really like that Indian at the top . . .
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    Off Topic, but on in a way....

    Since that article published in the B'ham news, I've had some interesting "bikes" arrive in the driveway, I'll post them elsewhere....

    But a guy and his son arrived Sunday, the son picked up this 1940 Indian Scout 8 months ago at an estate sale, kicks himself cuz he could have gotten 2 more.

    The next year (1941) the Scout was adapted by the US Army.


    He paid 10K, has been offered double many times he claims.
  8. Cool pics of that 8 valve Indian.
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    I love the sound of those motors as well - I remember farming shows with old Lister stationaries and such chugging and chirruping away - sadly I also remember Ford Escorts making the same sounds in town... not so good.

    One thing that constantly surprises me about american bikes is the size of the engines... my old Sceptre had a 97cui motor - would do 90mph and was a full size four door saloon....


    hmm... lengthened Henderson/Pierce frame, Sceptre motor and transmission.. ok, Im dead lol

    Jemma xx
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    Here at some of the bigger car show events, it remains popular to have displays of the old "hit and miss" one-lung agricultural and industrial motors... the older I get, the more interesting these engines become.

    Why is that? Hahahaha...

    Beautiful Indidan, there, Mike! Thanks for posting that one!

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    Hey Mike thanks for those!
    The sears was built by THOR and badged for sears. I've seen one up close and personal here in Tacoma- the fella that restored it , J.C. Burgin (R.I.P. my friend) hand laminated the rear sheave himself over the period of two years to get it perfect, using the same materials that would have been used when it was originally built!!! Anyway, just thought you'd like to know that bit of trivia.... Considering the subject matter maybe our moderator wants to move to Antiques section, With a link from here?:cool:
  12. V Twins

    Gotta love 'em!! Where can you get a copy or a mini 5 HP or close?
  13. Exposed Pushrod engines

    Hi Zomby, I dunno bout twins, but my buddy buily the BTR exposed engine in the Model 09.....AND a couple of guys have built v-twin Whizzers, IF you did a twin OHV exposed it would be a bit expensive, as the BTR top-end is 750.00, and you'd need a Whizzer, and sdome machine work, and.....