80(66)cc Engine Installation on Torker Cargo-T w/3 speed Hub Gears

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    It took me the better part of 3 days to make this installation on my Service Bicycle; a Torker Cargo-T with a Shimano 3 speed Hub Shifter. Maybe after I did about 10 of these, I could probably get the time down to the 6-10 hours sellers claim this will take.

    I put all the photos up on facebook, so here is the link for those who would like to look. I guess copy and paste the following: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=146954&id=630134479&l=cbc1b221cf

    A couple hours were spent the 1st day making the center hole in the Rear Sprocket large enough to fit over the 2" Shimano Rear Hub. 2nd day mounted the Engine, Gas Tank and all the controls. 3rd day, lengthened the chain by about 8" and with help of my brother, we cut and welded the Exhaust to fit and clear the Front Fender.

    I was able to get "her" started and ride around the block several (many) times with one of those ____eating grins on my face...:evilgrin:

    I have some minor adjustments to do in the morning to get the chain to behave better and not eat my tire or rear fender. Overall, I believe this is going to work well for transporting me and my tools, and a trailer I am in the process of fabricating for carrying pipe and wood...
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    Nice pics...

    I'm curious to see the trailer project when it's done...

    Good job! Congrats!