80/66cc engine needed

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by murduk0420, Feb 26, 2011.

  1. murduk0420

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    I live in deer country michigan and my motor had problems over the years of use. I need a replacement motor, I have the carb, muffler, cables and handles and everything else. anybody know where to get a replacement, anybody have a motor they'd be interested in selling? :detective:

  2. katoomer

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    Hello there ! I wasn't sure if there really was a "Bitely" or not. I see it on the map though. Just a short while ago I was on an account that took me to over to Ice Mountain water over there in Stanwood Michigan. You could have saved some money on shipping as its only about 30 miles from Bitely. But I'm switched off that run right now.

    I have a kit I been thinking about selling. Its never been used. I took the parts out of the box a few times. Its missing the fuel tank because I had a plastic tank and I didn't think I would use that one that came with it. I can't find that. I think it got threw out.

    A quick check on ebay shows the kits are running about $150 shipped. I'd be willing to sell about $100 plus shipping. I'm hoping the shipping wont be very high because I'm over at Rose City which is about a hundred miles as the crow flies.

    I'll try to send you a private message with my cell phone and another email. You can contact me 24/7. Or not if thats too much or make me an offer. There are some other details I'll give you.