80 cc Powerking engine-- question on some parts

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  1. Edalji

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    I've got these parts,http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3223/3148354770_5df09b00df_o.jpg
    and am not sure what to do with them... I know that the grouping on the left go with the fuel supply, but am not sure just how exactly, or even why. In all of the instructions and videos that I have painstakingly researched, not one of them mentions how to set up the fuel line-- they all just say to "do it." Not very helpful, for beginners.
    The piece on the right, that almost looks figure-8 ish was separate from the other stuff (all the other was in a little bag together) and I quite simply have no clue what it is, what it is for, or where it might go.

    :-/Any help would be greatly appreciated!:dunce:



  2. MotorBicycleRacing

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    The figure 8 ish is a very flimsy and mickey mouse muffler clamp

    The black thingie is a tool to remove the sprocket, crank gear and clutch

    The metal strap is for the chain guard....you would be better off using a
    black zip tie

    The gas shut off petcock and fuell filter should be fairly obvious, take a look at a few pics of bikes here if you can't figure it out

  3. Edalji

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    Thank you!

    Thanks man-- I was pretty sure on the filter and petcock, but the other stuff had me blown away. For some reason I was convinced that the things that came in the bag together belonged together, and I just couldn't get my head around it. It's nice to know I am not crazy-- at least not for that reason!
    Now I can finish this bike and get on with riding!