80cc BMX

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  1. Danjr1

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    my nearly finished bike. 80cc engine crammed into a modified bmx frame. just gotta spray the red oxide, rebuild the sprocket and do the chain. possibly build a top tube substitute. also gotta remount the fuel tank

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  2. Pablo

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    You have a long way to go. No offense, but currently that looks unsafe at any speed. Your new member stiffener probably helps take stress off the BB-down tube weld, but puts additional stress on the down tube right where the front mount attaches.

    I just would keep it under 5 mph or something.....and no off road....so sort of a limited bike.
  3. wheelbender6

    wheelbender6 Well-Known Member

    Your BMX bike should be a real blast to ride, once you have a good replacement for the top tube.

    HEADDS New Member

    That tube looks like it will bend or just snap off and smash your face in the pavement, be careful.
  5. Mountainman

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