80cc Coming This WEEK!

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    Just ordered an 80cc. I'd been looking at sites charging around 350$ for 50 and 80cc engines which was too expensive for me. Also, those friction-drive engines just seem like a bad setup. I don't want something rubbing on my tire like that... and they can't possibly deliver as much power as a chain-driven engine.
    Anyway, I finally came across handhelditems.com and was thrilled with the price ($139.99). This definitely seemed like a good deal, especially because they had a few good reviews. I'm going to try to install it on the bike my dad handed down to me (a cool old yellow 70s Raleigh). - - - I'm going to need to replace the handlebars from the drop style to the flat bar type so I can get the throttle on. Anyway, I might make a lil' video or take some pictures of the installation and test-ride. I can't wait til' this weekend (I just hope we can actually get the thing put together!)


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    welcome and good luck with the motor install

    have fun as you -- ride the motor bike
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    You're right davo - it's a little funny and weird that the video they showed was for a different engine

    update - I'm in the wonderful UPS shipment tracking period! - Expected delivery - THIS FRIDAY!
    Do you guys think that - barring an unforeseen problems - I will be able to actually get this baby running after a a couple of days of installing. This is my first engine build so I'll be moving slower than some of you.
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    Sorry everyone - I really should have correctly stated that this is a 66cc engine - NOT 80. I would have if I had known - but I just finished reading about it in an older thread. (Learning everyday :))
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    Nice going! Welcome to MB.c Glad your here. You seem more than ready to join the group. Good luck on your build. Post a new thread if you run into a snag. Later
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  7. Welcome let us know how we can help!
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    Try not to drill the frame like they did on their website.
    TAKE YOUR TIME & do it properly cos it'll save u a heck of a lot of time/trouble later.
    Ask about spare parts.
    Totally agree,wierd having a Titan as a 2-stroke/frame-mounted example. :goofy:
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    I would put my money on you and say -- yes

    let us know -- always interested regarding ones first build

    I would put my money on you and say -- yes

    up and running this weekend

    have fun as you ride the motor bike thing
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