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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Porkchop, Apr 16, 2009.

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    Hi peddelars ! Does anyone have any first or second hand info about the 80cc engines that zoombicycles.com sells ? I have a Grubee 50cc on order that's supposed to be here Monday of next week. I'm thinking I really need the extra cc's from an 80. I'm not a light weight. I've talked to those guys on the phone and thru e:mail. If I go with them, I'm going with the 80cc engine along with a pull start and centrifigal clutch set up. They tell me all their 80cc engines are all the same on the inside with minor differences on the outside, such as case finish and the plug orientation.
    Thanks for any suggestion and/or input !

  2. azbill

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    I think I would go with a grubee b4 a zoom
    same speed, less vibration, just a little less torque (I would go with a bigger rear sprocket like a 48 to make up for it))

    just my opinion dude :cool2:
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    I just checked, and the Grubee kit I have on the way has a 50 tooth sprocket. At least that's what the description says. The photo of the kit shows something different. I talked to them and asked why the written description and the photos were different. Never really got a legitimate answer from them. Guess I'll find out when it arrives. AS far as vibration, it only makes sense to me that a larger engine would turn less rpm to maintain same speed than a smaller engine. One of my best friends owns a machine shop and I plan to get with him on custom engine mounts. I'm thinking of hard rubber or polyurethane isolation material between frame and engine mounts. I refuse to drill holes in the frame. We grew up together riding bicycles and he still rides dirt bikes. He's pretty ssmrt about stuff like this. His dad owned an Aamoco full service gas station as well when we were kids. My dad was a mechanical engineer, so I guess we both have this mechanical stuff in our blood. Anyway, I don't want to pay $120.00 for a 50cc basic kit if I cant pay $180.00 for an 80cc kit that includes updated chrome muffler rather than black paint, along with a pull start and centrifigal clutch. That is if the quality is pretty much the same. Thanks for your response !
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    the only difference between the 50cc & the so-called 80 (66cc give or take) is the piston & jug size.
    the lower ends are identical... same gear ratios. The larger engine will have more low end pulling power.

    IMHO, the smaller engine will handle higher rpms & last longer.

    FYI.... the plain black exhaust is the new style.