80cc in a GT Tempest 18" Tri-Frame?

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Will an 80cc kit fit this GT Tempest Tri-Frame?

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  1. yes

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  2. yes, but carb needs relocation

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  3. i doubt it

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  4. no

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  1. Winnipeg80

    Winnipeg80 New Member

    I've ordered (and not yet received) an 80cc typical 2-stroke Chinese engine kit, and I am kind of hoping I'll be able to fit it to my 18" GT Tempest Triple Triangle Frame. Seems like it's doubtful, but I'm still hoping!

    Any pointers or opinions are welcome. Seems like I would have to change the location of the carb?

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  2. I voted carb needs relocation for those are nearly the same dimensions as in my Diamondback without that extra area then I barely had enough room with my front tube a bit too thick yours being even thicker.
    I say if worst comes to worst,it's a stiff frame. You can get a 20 dollar garage sale/flea market mountain bike they are EVERYWHERE and swap out the frames. Bring your ruler.
    You also get a whole lotta parts this way too.
  3. fetor56

    fetor56 Guest

    At a guess i'de say it's gonna be a REALLY tight fit but the only way to tell for sure is wait for your engine to arrive and do a full "mock-up" with the carby/sparkplug/carby intake manifold installed.These engines are VERY tolerant about what angle their mounted at(within reason ofcourse) so don't be afraid to slope the engine foreward.
    The carby's intake manifold can also be shortened or even replaced(but it's not recommended)
    Let's just see how yours goes before we start talking about grinding the engine down or other radical modifications.
    Between Large Filipino,myself,and any other person who want's to join in we should have u thoroughly confused in no time. ;)
  4. Winnipeg80

    Winnipeg80 New Member

    Its Gotta Work

    Thanks for your comments!

    Actually truth be told - IT HAS TO WORK!
    I've already sold tickets on ebay.ca to my
    debut run.

    The Snake River Canyon Jump.

    Of Course.