80cc jet motor questions

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    hey im new to motored bikes and need some sugestions. does anyone know anything about the 80cc jet engine from king motored bikes? is it a decent motor? its only $129 so its a good price i just wonder if its going to last and what i could do to get the speed to be a good 35+ mph? i live in Key West FL. so there are no hills and the island is small only 2miles x 4miles. i want something thats cheaper and cooler looking then a motor scooter.any help or comments would be great.

  2. get a smaller rear sprocket.
    a 44t can do 28-32mph,so go a size or two smaller than 44t = 38t or 34t.
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    i wound up getting one abought a month ago ya it wasent pricey but it hasent run relibly at all ive got 2 a grubby 49 and this thing the grubby had some stuff go wrong but not like this thing its bin apart more times than not and swapping parts wont seem to fix! it get a good qwality kit spend more to spend less right? so far i have a bike i cant take aney ware it wont leave me and its a pig on gas to boot find a frend that has 2stroke oil at 3 am and will speake to u after u wake him up that early?
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