80cc replacement throttle cable.. AGAIN

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    happy time not so happy when it comes to throttle..

    My first throttle failed me. It was the dual brake 'deluxe' one. so i ordered a new throttle, and put my stock bicycle brake back on.

    All went well, until the throttle cable snapped inside the carb. the little blob at the end that pulls the jet up broke off.

    i ordered a new one. (http://www.zoombicycles.com/eShop/6-Parts-and-Accessories/15-Clutch-and-Throttle-14/25-bi-throttlecable-40-Inch-Standard-Throttle-Cable-w/Brass-Fitting-4-14.html)

    Within three weeks, it snapped again, except this time it snapped up top, where the cable connects inside the throttle.

    I don't want to order another cable if it's just gonna snap again, and i can't use normal cables from the store because of the end that pulls the jet up.

    Help! alternatives? better cables bought elsewhere?

    i searched the forums and am pretty sure i would hate a thumb throttle.

    I don't want to buy a new throttle, but i may have to if the cables keep breaking!

    Here is my throttle. http://www.zoombicycles.com/eShop/6-Parts-and-Accessories/15-Clutch-and-Throttle-14/92-pk80-throttle-PK80-Throttle-Handle-and-Matching-Grip-4-16.html

    Thanks for any help!

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    You need to troubleshoot, each and every place where that cable runs. Need to run it in and out until you find the resistance.

    W/O looking at it, souds to me like you've got a buhr inside the carb barrel where the clip pulls up and down on the needle. Don't know how much room there is on the last cable but see if you could fish it up and down w/o the cable shield on!
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    Thanks. As always, im not near my bike till the end of the week.

    I just get over stimulated and post way too early because i fail to post while im home. (I live in an apartment, the bike is at my parent's house where i visit on the weekends).

    I will take pictures and post here again, come friday night.

    Ugh... it's only monday...
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    Throttle cable mod

    I have had the same problem, both at the carb and the twist grip.

    I now solder a blob at each end of the cable, remove the pucks and epoxy the channel in the twist grip.

    The end "pucks" on the standard cable seems to be crimped together, not very well manufactured. By gluing the channel in the twist grip the plastic retainer cannot break.

    It has never failed again.
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