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  1. Rich

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    are "80cc" rings universal on the chinese engines? i got my engine from kings and they don't sell rings for that engine.

    any comments or questions would be very helpful.


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  2. LocustsOfSteel

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    Really... I just got an 80cc kit from king on an ebay auction for like $175.21... Its in the mail and arives on the 9th.
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    No Such thing..

    There is no such thing as an 80cc engine kit 2 stroke.. If someone is selling a 2 stroke Engine kit as an 80cc, they are lying and misrepresenting their product. Ask that person for their bore and stroke and then do the math. Or better yet. Pull your head and measure your bore and stroke and then see for yourself. Enjoy the ride...:smile:
  4. rings for powerking 80cc

    Anyone know who handles rings for powerking out of canada's 80cc(no,it's not an 80,but for reference).....need a set or 2...thanks,Phat
  5. I have yet to see a true 80cc Kit.



  6. NunyaBidness

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    good grief people stay on topic
    the OP put the 80cc part in quotes, which, I'm guessing, means that they know it is NOT and actual 80cc motor
    back to the question, where can the OP get rings for his NOT 80cc motor
  7. Actually..
    He seems to be asking " are "80cc" rings universal on the Chinese engines?
    any comments or questions would be very helpful."

    A few Reply's he received cleared up..The actual Motor size Was not a 80CC motor.
    Thus helping him realize all Ht motors rings are NOT universal .

    He should really stick to his original vender When it comes to most internal Parts..
    Then Again I'm only Guessing as well.

    Hope this helps


  8. TwoWalks

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    It is a shame that vendors do not also stock replacement parts ... seems to be the nature of the beast. The best option is to measure the rings in your current engine and then check the ring size from sources that do supply rings. The next best option is to figure which engine your vendor is actually selling and find a vendor for parts that sells an engine from the same factory.
  9. arceeguy

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    Measure the piston, and make sure that the vendor says the ring will fit your diameter piston. For an "80cc" engine, your piston is probably 47mm in diameter.

    I made a ring clamp from some PVC pipe to make installing the piston easier and with less chance of breaking a ring.

    FWIW, the powerkingshop 80cc engines and the BoyGoFast 80cc engines both have 47mm pistons, and it looks like the rings are identical too.

    BoyGoFast on eBay sells replacement "80cc" rings, pistons and gaskets.

    Why are you replacing the rings?
  10. Hey
    Thanks all....well we broke one.....had i read more thoroughly on this forum i would have seen the part about the little pins in the ring grooves...i got 1 motor with them and one without(checked BGF site and he sells them in what appears to be sets of three)...i assume for people like me......Phat..LOL
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