80cc Schwinn Cruiser

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    My first and only MB. A beautiful Schwinn Cruiser in blue, black and white with an 80cc Chinese engine on it. Its a great looking bike and my cell phone pics don't do it justice at all.
    I'm having some float needle issues rite now but hope to sort that soon. If anyone has any ideas please send me a PM. Thank you.

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  2. VROOM

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    My Schwinn Point Beach is doing very well after ditching the CNS carb and buying a quality 415 chain. I have since added a tool bag, horn, NT carb, HD 415 bike chain, upgraded plug wire and Champion CJ7Y (low profile) plug.
    Bike runs great! Im very happy with it for now. I do need to replace the kick stand and get a center stand. I will post better pictures tomorrow.
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    That's a sharp looking bike you got there.. I would get rid of the white if it were mine though. Kinda random looking on a mostly dark bike, Still looks nice though.
    That stinks you didn't have any luck with the cns, i got mine tuned up pretty well right now on my 49cc and i love it!
    Any other plans for it besides the kick stand?