Stolen 80cc Skyhawk / Mt Bike Stolen Monday 8 - 6 - 12 PRICE RITE Worcester Ma

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    A friend [ who was inspired by my bike ] built a bike, which was stolen Monday Aug. 6 from PRICE RITE market Worcester MA The bike is a black Mt. bike, with Chrome Exhaust, Unique homebuilt Rack, and Seatback, aftermarket carb . Bike was locked with a cable lock, that was cut.

    What gets me is people come in and out of the store, someone must have seen the lock being cut.
    Ironicly, the first powered bicycle I've ever seen
    was at PRICE RITE, it was a dreary day, cold and cloudy, the bike was dirty, but I could barely make out the word Skyhawk on the engine. That night, I started researching motor kits, and have built 3 so far.

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    Update ... Bike is a Black Diamondback MT bike with Grubee Engine,
    Pirate Hub / sprocket Quite fast