80cc's, 66cc's and 49cc's

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    What are the difference between these three? (80cc, 66cc, and 49cc). I mean, I know that those are displacement measures, but I really want to know is which are the differences because I was told there was no visible difference when looking at the exterior of the engine. I want to tell which one's which 'cause I don't want to get fooled by the vendor which occasionally happens here in my country.
    Secondly they've told me there's no such thing as a 80cc engine, that it is really a 66cc... Is that true?

    Thank you very much in advance people!!! Happy biking!!!

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    I can give you a very rough guide, as I know little myself, the older smaller motor has the 30mm inlet bolt spacing and the later larger intake port has the 40mm inlet bolt spacing.
    later usually has larger head bolts and so on and so on and there is probably alot of that that goes across each other too.

    FWIW if you want to be sure on what CC you are buying then get them to supply the bore and stroke measurements and work out the Cubic Centimeter displacement yourself as some are sold as 80cc etc but are really smaller.
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    An 80cc engine is really a 66cc engine.

    Some differences between the 48cc and 66cc is the engine studs are generally 6.5mm for the 48cc and the 66cc engines have 8mm studs. There are differences in diameters of the slide valves in the carburetor. The 48cc have 14.48mm diameter and the 66cc have 14.95mm diameters. The carburetor jets are different sizes. There are also different diameters in the front tube mount. Some are 32mm and others are 40mm with both 48cc and 66cc engines. Seat tube mounts can also be different diameters, depending on 48cc or 66cc. Most of the time the 48cc have 30mm rear mounts and the 66cc have 32mm rear mounts. Some of the old model 48cc engines have 40mm bolt spacing on the intake, but newer have 30mm bolt spacing, as does the 66cc engines.

    Be aware that sometimes engines are built with whatever is on hand, especially when buying no-name brands.

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