89.00 tanaka 33 friction drive engine problem

Discussion in 'Friction Drive' started by Stoney, Dec 9, 2011.

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    Hi ALL,
    PLEASE help me out!
    I have the Tanaka 33 front mounted on a staton friction drive on A cadillac Fleetwood Bike (While it was running I was in blisss... with my daughter on the tag along bike. Going up 10% grades with me peddling of course and it was fun.)Any way, Last night the engine lost all power and I mean all power it sounds muffled more like a four stroke no high 2 stroke pitch. It has approximately 200 miles on it. All in one week. I was using it to go to work. I was worried about whether or not a friction drive would suit my needs and I had no doubts about the engine. Tanaka "reliable and bullet proof" GO FIGURE! I am using tanaka perfect mix and premium gas.
    "Could bad gas make it do what I am describing? The reason I ask (EVEN though it is premium gas and bought 2 days ago) This started when I happen to refill my gas can at chevron and the very next ride this took place."

  2. Esteban

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    First thing I would do is change the spark plug , & go from there.
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    I agree, pull your spark plug. Check out the plug (white and ashy, or oily and black, would tell you about a problem. While it's out, shine a really bright flashlight down in there and look around for scratches, black gummy or ashy buildup, or metal flakes.

    Make a fresh batch of gas. You'll use it eventually, so that can eliminate some variables.
    Next, disconnect your ground wire, if you are going to try starting the engine again. If it springs to life, you have a faulty kill switch.

    If it is hard to turn over or doesn't start with a new plug, you might have some engine damage. If it turns easy but doesn't start or runs poorly, probably a gasket leak.

    See if your hoses feel loose, and look at your fuel filter (on end of hose). Weeder filters can plug up pretty easily, but it saves your motor.
    The carbs on this motor don't have any adjustments, so there isn't much to go wrong with them except maybe a broken diaphragm. new carbs are $25 online. Mower shops can get the gaskets and diaphragms.
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    Ps, you don't need premium gas for this motor, it only has about 8 or 9:1 compression.

    You could have got some watery gas, esp. if its the 10% ethanol type.

    If fresh gas solves the problem, just don't buy gas there anymore.
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    Sorry I didn't post the result I couldn't believe it, but it was what I thought BAD GAS! I have been riding ever since.
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    Tanaka STILL Bulletproof!!!

  7. happycheapskate

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    Glad you got it going well.
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    Yeah, i thought it'd be bad gas. Gave me a bit of a fright though;
    I just bought a PF 4000 I love. For a moment I thought, "Oh no!
    not another nightmare like the Hua Sheng I wish I'd never bought'
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    Add a just little bit of carb cleaner to your mix, once in awhile. Or fuel stabilizer .