9 bolt adapter for 36 spoke wheel - what about 32 spoke wheels?

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    Title says it all - will a 9 bolt rear wheel sprocket mount fit a 32 spoke wheel? What's a better option? I know about the Manic Mechanic adapter but the rear hub is stepped and that won't fit. The LiveFastMotors small adapter doesn't look like a fit either, but I haven't totally ruled that one out.

  2. Anigai

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    i have the same problem, ive mounted the 9 bolt sprocket to a 32 spoke wheel however i cannot get 2 of the bolts to mount in as the spokes are in the way.

    ive been trying for the last hour to get away without them but its not happen, the sprocket looks like it relies on those other 2 bolts more than i originally thought to keep the sprocket in true and without a hop. i could get away with it maybe if the bolts were opposite each other but no matter which mount i use the bolts that offend are always beside each other.

    kallsop's problem is 2 years old, im sure thats more than enough time needed to figure it out. if he or anybody could help me out id really appreciate it
  3. kallsop

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    Ended up buying a custom sized hub adapter from manicmechanic after sending him a picture and measurements of the hub and indeed, that was a long time ago. Ironically, that bike has a rear friction drive now and the hub adapter is fitted but unused. I gave up on frame mounted China Girls; too much repairing and not enough riding.
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    interesting, ive made no changes to the stock sprocket that im having trouble with from bgf.

    is this hub adapter standard size?
    could i see some pics of it if you dont mind?

    i might be interested in buying it from you if it looks to do the job :evilgrin:
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    I was having the same problem as you. What I did is look for smaller bolts. except one missing bolt. That would not go in because the spoke was right in the middle. I just left that one open. And my bike runs good, and the sprocket is on good too.
  6. mrbg

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    I drilled another hole in the stock sprocket. I haven't had any problems.