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  1. HI All,

    Add a little bling bling to your bike with our Super Sprockets.... now available in 9 anodized colors! (discounted too....Just in time of spring!).

    Bicycle Engine motorized bike 27 to 39 Tooth sprockets - eBay (item 110235084919 end time Mar-25-08 22:07:00 PDT)

    Have Fun!


  2. Updated Information on our Sprockets and Top Hat Adapters:

    Custom Sprockets / Disc Hub Adapters

    If you are looking for better speed or better power from your bicycle engine kit you have come to the right place.

    King's Sales and Service Group custom machines our Super Sprockets for motorized bike kits (other applications are also available for Motorcycles, Mopeds, Scooters, Go Karts etc....Call for your needs).

    Super Sprockets are manufactured from aerospace grade 7075 aluminum heat treated to T651 standards - Lightweight, durable, and rustproof...Much better than steel!. Super Sprockets are individually precision CNC Machined (anodized models) or Hobbed on a dedicated sprocket manufacturing machine...Our Super Sprockets are accurate to approximately 1/1000 of an inch! Superior machining means less friction and wear for more speed and durability.

    Lightening holes reduce unnecessary mass for better acceleration without sacrificing strength. Super Sprockets feature our exclusive Triple Mounting Pattern
    are drilled to accept the standard heavy duty 9 Hole mount (8 MM bolts), Standard 9 Hole mount (smaller bolt circle with 6 MM bolt holes) AND come drilled for disc brake hub mounting (the disc brake mounting option is the most accurate way to hold a sprocket true (mounts the sprocket in place of the brake disc on a disc brake hub) but may cause chain line issues on some bikes or may require re-dishing and/or spacing the rear the rear wheel/axle....Not all frames are affected but some are.....

    If you are affected we now offer a Top Hat Sprocket Adapter...Description below:

    King's Sales & Service Group (A.K.A. King's Sales & Service) is proud to announce the arrival of its revolutionary new Top Hat Sprocket Adapter. The Top Hat Sprocket Adapter precision mounts the rear sprocket onto any ISO standard 6 bolt disc brake hub AND helps to put the sprocket in the proper location to help ensure a perfect chain line! (The adapter can be used WITH OR WITHOUT a disc brake system or disc rotor if you just want to take advantage of its superior mounting method).

    ZERO run out or wobble means longer component life and less chance for your chain to jump off at speed because of the imprecise factory rubber 9 hole mounts. Superior mounting also means faster speeds with less vibration!

    The Top Hat Sprocket adapter is made of the same great aerospace grade 7075 T651 aluminum we make our Super Sprockets from...Super Strong and lightweight (2.1 ounces for our 1/8" offset model for use with standard sprockets, or 2.8 ounces for our 1/4" offset model for use with our Race Series Sprockets NOTE: The combination of 1/4" offset Top Hat AND a Race Series sprocket will weigh LESS overall than the 1/8" offset Top Hat and standard sprocket).

    You can mix and match sprockets (Race Series (no off set) OR Standard Super Sprockets (approximately 1/8 to 3/16 offset) AND Top Hat Adapters (1/8" offset OR 1/4" offset ) to help achieve a perfect chain line. NOTE: because of the literally hundreds and hundreds of possible hub, wheel, and frame combinations out there, final or additional spacing can be also done by using washers if needed but generally this is not required).

    To save you money, you can reuse the factory nuts and 8mm bolts but they will need to be cut down since they are far too long....an installation video is available on You Tube at : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=InNOcW2M_iE

    Yes, you can even reuse your stock sprocket if you'd like (NOTE: if you do want to reuse your stock sprocket, you will need to enlarge the center hole to about 2.1 inches (to clear the disc hub mount area) and you will need to make sure your sprocket has the HD 9 Hole Pattern (8 MM bolts)...If not you can drill as needed)....

    If you order your Super Sprockets from for use with the Top Hat Sprocket Adapter please be sure to mention that it is for use with the Top Hat and we will machine everything for you for a simple bolt on performance increase.

    For additional information concerning this and our other products please be sure to look at our Myspace page at : myspace.com/kingssalesandservice

    Check out our other videos on You Tube (kingssalesandservice).

    Check out our other auction on eBay!

    NOTE: International shipments will be done once per week. Buyer is responsible for possible customs charges. All payments are to be in USD. Flat rate for up to 2 lbs total is :Australia : USPS Priority Mail in flat rate envelope (up to 2 lbs) is $18.50 (includes $66.88 insurance)...For tracking number add $13.50 / Canada : USPS Priority Mail in flat rate envelope (up to 2 lbs) is $17.50 (includes $66.88 insurance)....For tracking number add $13.50. Write for shipping to other areas....

    Remember....The BEST products for your motorized bike always come from Kings Sales & Service!

    Our standard sprockets have a built in bevel to allow for better chain line alignment...our race series have the bevel machined out to reduce weight even further (NOTE: if you currently run your sprocket with the bevel out (sprocket teeth closest to the spokes which is most applications) you can use the Race Series Super Sprockets without any problems. The weight of our CNC'd Super Sprocket Race Edition is approximately 2.7 ounces in 36T The weight of our standard CNC'd 36 T sprocket is approximately 5.25 ounces VS. 11.8 ounces for a steel gear....Less weight means Faster acceleration and Better braking....NOTE: Race series sprockets have the offset machined off to save even more weight without sacrificing strength..

    Each Super Sprocket has the tooth count stamped on it for easy identification.

    Finally, Super Sprockets are available in 9 Anodized colors ( 8 colors: Hot Pink, Brazen Orange, Midas Gold, Sunshine Yellow, Sky Blue, Lime green, Midnight Black, Super Silver) to add a little bling bling to your ride for just $15.00 more per sprocket.

    Hard Coat is also available (bronze in color) for just $20.00 extra per sprocket (Hard Coat adds approximatley 35% more durability and life to an already increadibly long lasting sprocket).

    These are the secret weapons that will allow you to win races against your friends! They will also make for a more enjoyable high speed cruise since your engine will not be screaming for no reason (better mileage and less wear and tear on the engine) ....FYI - Each tooth you lose off the 44T sprocket gains you approximately 1 MPH on the top end....so If you are running a 35T sprocket and your buddy is running a 36T....you will pass him and there's nothing he can do about it...Great fun!

    Our Super Sprockets are NOT the cheapest but they are THE BEST.
    Designed and manufactured in the USA

    Check out our Videos on You Tube at:
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-zyU8n41f2c .

    No. of Teeth/Cost (USD)
    --------------- -----------------
    26 to 39 / $37.50
    40 to 46 / $39.50
    47 to 53 / $43.50
    54 to 57 / $46.75
    58 to 60 / $49.75
    61 to 72 / $54.50
    73 to 80 / $67.50
    Above 80 / Call or write

    Anodized Color - Add $15.00 per sprocket
    Hard Coat - Add $20.00 per sprocket

    $12.50 Flat rate shipping to Lower 48 States for up to 5 sprockets (mix or match). Products will be shipped genearlly within 3 business days.

    Australia : USPS Priority Mail in flat rate envelope (up to 2 lbs) is $16.50 (includes $66.88 insurance)...For tracking number add $13.50

    Canada : USPS Priority Mail in flat rate envelope (up to 2 lbs) is $17.50 (includes
    $66.88 insurance)....For tracking nuimber add $13.50.

    Write for shipping to other areas.

    Special Notes:

    At no additional charge we can (just let us know):

    1) Enlarge the center hole to 1.75" to better work on
    coaster brake hubs or other hubs requiring
    additional spacing

    We accept: Paypal ("andyinchville@earthlink.net")
    Visa / Master Card / Discover - order via fax , E-mail,
    regular mail....be sure to include all the card , exp
    date, and the 3 digit code on back of the card.
    Check or Money/order - (may delay shipping until funds clear)

    ** When ordering be sure to include your complete shipping address and be sure to mention the sprocket size(s) desired. A phone number and or E-Mail address should also be provided in case communications are needed before, during, or after your order.

    Our Phone and Fax is:
    (automatic switching)

    Our shop address is:
    1036 St Clair Ave
    Charlottesville VA 22901

    Email Address is andyinchville@earthlink.net

    As with any speed enhancing product, extreme caution should be used if you plan on purchasing these part(s). I cannot be responsible for accidents / injuries resulting for the misuse or accident resulting from the use of this product....This product can give you EXTREME SPEED(40+ MPH) .Make sure you, your bicycle, and your engine are up snuff before even thinking of using this product. Use of product is solely at purchasers own risk!
  3. occchopperfl

    occchopperfl Member

    Hey Andy,
    Whats new?
    Im going to decide in the next few days what direction to go.
    My goal is to have a tweaked bike on the road in 30 days.
    (Im going to see how long its going to take for you to respond.)
    My cell screen does not work, but does make outgoing calls.

    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Kindly post and call.
    (If I don't hear from you in the next few days, i'll call you early next week)

    Palm Coast FL
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  4. fundreamer1

    fundreamer1 New Member

    Getting him to respond seems to be a job in itself, I tried for three weeks to get him to send me a quote for a custom sprocket. After repeated phone calls and emails I had to stop trying with him so I could get my bike built. He finally sent it to me after I emailed him to say forget it, I could no longer build my bike under his time frame.
    While I have seen reviews of his customers being happy with his product, I was unable to get him to treat me as a customer with money for some reason. I will not endorse his business at this time for the shoddy way he put me off as if my money was not good enough for him.
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2011
  5. occchopperfl

    occchopperfl Member


    I did speak to Andy at Kings since this post. Several times.
    He is a good, down to earth guy with a lot of great ideas/ products.

    He does have some communication concerns. He has a lot of stuff on his plate, which unfortunately makes him slow to respond to inquiries and orders.
    There could be some room for improvement for sure.

    You also have to realize that this is a niche industry and some vendors don't so this full time. MANY other vendors with superior products, like Kings have similar problems - you can probably search the site on the topic.

    My take, 5 stars for Andy at Kings superior products, and 2-3 stars for customer service. I'd love to up the latter, hopefully later.

  6. fundreamer1

    fundreamer1 New Member

    I think Andy is a very nice person to talk to, I enjoyed the conversations I had with him, I also understand the people that work a job and do this part time. But he promised me one thing and delivered nothing on three separate occasions, I would love to do business with him, but while I could wait a few weeks for a part, I can't wait a month to be acknowledged that for a quote to decide if it would be worth the expense. I am a busy person myself and would offer no excuses for putting someone off until I lost them as a customer and then try to give them what they asked for.
    I have to have surgery soon and will be off my feet for at least three months recuperating, maybe if I have something come up again at that time or later, I could once again try his services and be able to come back here and give him rave reviews. I hope so.
  7. occchopperfl

    occchopperfl Member

    Hey Fun,

    I wish you a speedy recovery.

    Hey, heres an idea:
    - order something you need now which is supposed to take a month, and in the three months takes you to recuperate, your order should reach you "right on time"!


    PS: Andy, just kidding! :)
  8. fundreamer1

    fundreamer1 New Member

    :rolleyes7: LOL!! I was trying to get the bike built before I had to have the surgery, but I ordered I motor from Zoombicycles.com ebay and got the huffy cranbrook to mount it on. I might not be able to have the bike I wanted, but I will have a mb to ride before I can't. Thanks for the well wishes, I have enjoyed everyone who I have talked to in this hobby. (It should be here today!)
    Last edited: Jan 6, 2011
  9. occchopperfl

    occchopperfl Member

    Hi Andy,

    I just got a MTB with front and rear disc brakes.

    Did you make the 2nd video for the top hat adapter?

    If not, when do you plan to make it available on youtube?


  10. motorpsycho

    motorpsycho Active Member

    I would by a few sprockets from him if the prices weren't so high. I understand you get what you pay for and his sprockets are high quality....I just can't justify the prices.