911 Cop Corrupt


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Dec 13, 2015
From my Class Action Lawsuits this months update sez 40 more people have died in the last 4 months! Cum & get your money 💰!
A pool of money I think it was 7.3 billion or it was the other way around 3.7 billion workers doing clean up coming down with head, neck and shoulder cancer never heard of before, along with 40 other forms and f cancer.

I think it's a cover up from all the stuff they didn't find, computers, printers, copy machine, faxs, telephones, filing cabinets, office paper, typewriters, even f***ing door knobs thing you think be most abundant not there scarce.

I know from past weapons research invention protection you are advise to secure your new killer 👊 invention with deadly disease chemicals cancer, luekemia, ..., ..., You buy it by the gallon can written on it simple Cancer or Luekemia or whatever, price very reasonable around $18.00 to $20.00 1960 prices to cause millions in suffering and there was a ☠ retail shop out let just a few blocks from twin towers.

Don't blame Afghanistan because they were tenants of the towers and can victms lost billions from treasury that it was suppose to help and educate their people.

Have you heard of the Mt. Meadow Mormon massacre? Will there is about a hundred more less publisize and twin towers was 1 Mormons my bed in slaughter all tenant threw down elevator shafts threw away any office supply or tool use for monument of human sacrifice. NY stunk for decades in morning looking out my hotel window I could see the stink rising as a black gas cloud began vomiting before eating, did that for 3 days straight had to fly to another state to eat because the stink was known to go from city to city the entire state.

So my zoospescion it's the tissue anatomy found not human all these proud soldiers murder for some abomination of humanity all sobbing teary eyes of Justice being served because 911 to the tenant mentioned Cop Corrupt nobody seen again after they announce filing missing persons or other robbery murder complaint cops jump in with them so did fire department! 🔥


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Nov 27, 2012
He's been doing this off and on for years. He's not as angry with it as he was for a while so that's a good thing I suppose. It's just a part of how he thinks. I have sort of gotten use to it.