Stolen 92 kona w/ chinadoll Vancouver, BC, Canada

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  1. Legwon

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    stolen from Braid Street Skytrain station.

    92 Kona Lava Dome Race Light
    Custom engine mounts
    Cortez rear sprocket
    #41 chain
    Cortez shorty intake
    rear disc wheel w/ Vbrakes
    front disc brakes
    2 headlights on handle bars, and coffee holder
    thumb throttle
    clutch cable re-route

    i know there isnt that many canadians on here, let alone from the Vancouver area.
    but those that are, please keep your eyes out.
    this isnt just a toy, this IS my transport!!!


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  2. Marine One

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    I'm sorry to hear that. I have a Kona I'm getting ready to motorized. I'm not sure what kind or what year, I got it for just under $100 at a local pawn shop. Nothing wrong with it, original paint still on but has some chips in it. Best bike I've ever had. If anyone knows how to find out what year and what type of Kona it is please let me know! I have pictures of the serial numbers on the bottom of the post.
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