95% Finished! My Del Mar Schwinn first build!

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    The Unconquerable

    The most amazing, redeeming painfully horrible experience of my life thus far. It **** near killed me about 6 times due to an incorrectly installed throttle. Tonight I fixed it, and it was all worth it. More bad-*** than a trip to Disney World. But I can only imagine, I've never been there. Anyway.

    Here she is. 50cc Grubee Star-Fire Engine, Boost Bottle, Chrome Motorcycle Inline Fuel Filter. The last 5% is going to be a better chain tensioner, a custom made Baja Motorsports Chain tensioner assembly from Tractor Supply Company. But so far, so "Freaking excellent!"

    Also awaiting: Those alarms from the "Cheap bike alarm" thread, new rear view mirror (Mine snapped during assembly. -_- ) and the Motoredbikes.com stickers. :cool:

    Oh how wonderfully crappy it looks in my dark garage compared to real life! Lawl!

    Thanks for viewing!

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  2. bluegoatwoods

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    It looks great and I'm glad it's finally worked out for you.

    You'll have fun, no doubt of that.
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    looks just like mine did. i would sugggest not going over 30 for long periods of times cause the bike shakes crazily and dont let the throttle out at a low speeds. get the bike up to 8-10 mph and dont open the throttle wide open at takeoff. i used to and i broke about half of the spokes on the drive side and it bent the rim.
    good luck,
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    Meeee Tooo

    I also have a Del Mar with HT engine. I have about 600 miles on it now.
    This is what I did...... Rip off all the fenders,,,, the vibrate way too much.
    The throttle cable..... It will break at the twist grip, that round thing that snaps into the grip will break off. I looped the cable around the track and soldered it together then epoxy glued the junction....

    I Replaced the back wheel with a very strong thick spoked wheel and included lock washers on both sides of the axle.
    I orginally had a lot of problems with the wheel bearings coming loose with the original wheel, but it seems fine now with a heavy duty wheel. Do put lock washers on both sided of the axle!

    I had to open up the ID of the sprocket so that it did not touch the hub. Only the spokes are driven, no contact with the hub. My first try the sprocket was snug on the hub and it eventually cracked the hub and the bearing racway was ruined.....

    It's cool looking bike for a motor,,,,!!!!!!!!!
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  5. Nice bike. Hey you got a rotisery you might pick up a squirell or two with tat dagger front motormount. HA just kidding. I think Id hack saw it off though., Nice build. I never have used anyone elses booster bottles. I use PVC They work great. Yours is real nice. Good job. Tractor supply huh .. spring loaded. maybe Ill have to check them out for my builds. Iknow Jim at live fast has them but Ive yet to use one. looks like a sound I dea though.