960W 36V Giant ATX Eletric 7-speed shifter

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  1. KCvale

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    I had this little middle aged woman bring me this little Giant ATX bike to motorize for her.


    By 'little woman' I mean her inseam was like 24".
    Her legs are so short she has to stand over that crossbar to keep both on the ground.

    There was no way any gas motor would go in the cavity so I gave an in frame electric a try. She lives up North in Prescott AZ so she has to deal will hills so using the gears was a must.

    It turned out pretty well.


    It sports a speedometer and a 1200L Lithium Ion CREE headlight and a taillight.

    It's a pretty bright light and great in strobe mode.


    She also bought a pet trailer so she could tow her dog around with her.
    Here is a shot with the trailer in the background.


    I have built over a dozen gas shifters and rode one for 2 years but the closest I've even been to an electric bike was electric golf carts, lots and lots of electric golf carts.
    This is nothing like a golf cart.

    I was absolutely blown away with how fun and quite this build is. Granted I am 6'2" with a 38" inseam so it was like circus clown toy bike for me but I still had a blast testing it.

    She will pop wheelies and creep along a 2MPH in 1st and climb a wall, but do 28MPH wide open in 7th for 20 miles with no pedal help ever and then *poof* instant dead until it gets a 2-4 hour charge.

    Despite making a living building gas bikes my next bike will be an electric shifter.
    1200W 48V on a more man sized bike.

  2. Stoney

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    Nice kc,
    Please give details to your build. What motor, controller, battery (make, ah, ect). Where is the battery mounted? is it that in the middle? And the chain or setup doesn't jump or come out. are there any complications that you encountered. I like this!
  3. KCvale

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    I not only don't have all the info you want I couldn't really say much if I did.

    This was a beta test kit from a MB supplier trying something new and wanted to see what I could do mount wise with it so they can make a good kit for sale and that's what I came up with from 2 boxes of parts and no instructions.

    The 36V 960W battery is the smooth silver box with my KC's Kruisers sticker on it mounted to the seat post.
    The controller is the larger fined box that looks like a radiator. I just used some angle stock and mounted it to the battery.

    That silver dangle out at the back brake is the charger connection, all the other wires I oriented but the throttle wire all face to the middle so I could zip-tie them in to be almost invisible.

    The main job was to keep the motor in place, the motor mounted to a flat plate which didn't want to stay in place on the round downtube and would twist down throwing the chain.
    I fixed it with the removable 1/2 flat, 1/2 curved piece from a couple of muffler claps to fix that so no, it doesn't twist or throw chain now. In fact it performs as smooth as a babies bottom ;-}

    This build is a moot point for me now though, they don't make the 36V controllers anymore so it's 24 or 48V to try next.

    Have you ever heard of a controller that could take 24-48V batteries?
    How about a 48V bat with a switch to change voltages?
    That's the stuff I'm working on now, and yes, I got bit by the electric bug and need to scratch it more. Much more ;-}