98 whizzer will not stay running

Discussion in 'Whizzer Motorized Bicycles' started by battlebots16, Nov 11, 2012.

  1. battlebots16

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    i picked up a 98 whizzer a couple weeks ago and it has been anoying me to no end

    it just will not stop breaking down i have tried 4 different brand new carburetors none make any difference the bike will run fine for one mile then it will turn off it isnt a gradual sputter like the carb ran out of gas it is like it gives up it is like turning off the toggel switch i pull to the side of the road and i take the spark plug out and spin it over it has spark then i loosen the bowel screw to drain the carburetor and the carb is full of gas so i put the screw back in and try to start the bike it fires every now and then sputters and pops then back fires loudly if i wait 2 minutes and try again it will start and run normal for about a hundred feet then it will die again

    it didnt use to run at all i unplugged the voltage regulator and the bike began to run but it runs like this if you put a fuse in the fuse block it will not start and if you plug in the voltage regulator when the bike is running it will die so i know it needs a new one but what is keeping it from running consistantly why would it just die every time

    i am at the point where i am ready to take it to the scrap yard and laugh as a bull dozer smashes it into the dirt

    the bike had 199.0 miles on it when i bought it now it has 259.8 i probably got to drive it all of 6 miles the rest was dragging it back home after it stalled again and again and again

    does anyone have any ideas what its problem might be i know there is not any trash in the fuel tank when i check the carburetor there is no trash in there either i took the cylinder head off and the factory cross hatch is still on the bore and the valves still look new and they do open and shut as they should in the order they should

    i am not sure if it is possable but it feels like it is running in and out of time for something to still be getting fuel and spark and not run is a new trick to me and to be honest it is realy ticking me off

  2. Racie35

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    maybe ignition? without seeing it in action its hard to diagnose....having spark on the side of the road isn't the same as running down the street......i'd start there then check for flooding
  3. battlebots16

    battlebots16 New Member

    it cannot be flooding it is not possable that 4 brand new carburetors would give the exact same result i have tried adjusting the float to shut off sooner and it still has no effect i have checked the connection to the cdi there where no issues it has spark and the taillight works except when it is doing its little trick of not firing then the taillight is verry dim and cuts in and out it seems like there might be a short but i was not able to find any breaks in any of the shielding on the wires also if i turn the headlight switch to low beam it shuts the motor off as well

    do you have any ideas on how to test the ignition other than throwing a bunch of money in replacement parts at it that it may or may not need
  4. Racie35

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    sounds like electrical....somethings dimming that light.....short maybe? are there any reported problems with the cdi shorting?
  5. battlebots16

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    i do not have any way to test the cdi unplugging it will only eliminate the spark do you know a way to test it it is possable it has a short they have been known to stop working thats electronic ignition for ya

    i have some similar cdi units for 110cc pitbikes and atvs i was thinking i would try one of those if i get better results i may order a cdi and voltage regulator
  6. Racie35

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    not sure what a cdi for one of these cost but maybe having a spare on hand isnt a bad idea for cases like this where you wanna plug in and try...and if they have reliabilty problems, what the heck
  7. jbcruisin

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    It sounds like the valve seats. The WC1 engines were notorious for what you're describing. My 99 did it. When the engine warms up the seats come loose. If you let it sit for a minute it cools down enough that they seat again & it will start & run for a minute or 2 & then does it again.
  8. battlebots16

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    i sold the bike it had gotten to the point that i wanted to push it over and beat it with a sledge hammer , light it on fire then take it to the dump i will never buy another whizzer they are so unreliable and way to expensive to maintain there was not one time when i drove it somewhere did it not break down on me this last time i had to drag it home 3 miles i thought about pushing it into marine creek lake and moving on with my life

    i got $200 for it i took a big loss but it was either $200 or pay to take it to the dump it is someone elses problem now

    i always wondered why people use them for decoration in there homes now i know

    good riddens
  9. thament

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    wish I had benn there when you sold it.