99 Whizzer brake light.

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    Has anyone else done this? My 99 has the brake light switch working off the coaster brake arm. I laced up a Shimano hub but my brake light switch works off my coaster brake arm. The arm won't fit my Shimano hub. The 99 arm has a slot in the arm & the Shimano brake is kind of like a spline (yes I should have taken pictures). I thought I'd clamp them in a vise & file out the Whizzer arm to fit the spline shaft on the Shimano hub. I did that to a Harley sprocket years ago because I wanted lower gearing than was available. Well, this Whizzer coaster brake arm was hard steel. Real hard. So I heated it with a little propane torch & let it sit overnight & the next day it filed easy. Now my Bike has the Shimano hub & brake lights.

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    Did you re-harden the brake arm after doing your filing/mod.s? If not You may want to consider this especially considering the extra stresses upon the arm when motorizing... With the metal now softened It will, over a short time, wear down the work you put into it and one day-Uh-oh! No Brakes! Easy enough to do, reheat it to glowing bright cherry red, and quench it quickly and thoroughly in water- I won't recommend the oil bath case hardening technique, as it is a bit dangerous, and I do not know what experience level you may or may not have in this... but just something to consider...
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    I thought about that. I figure that I grease my brakes every few hundred miles & I'll have to keep an eye on that. But that's a good thing to remember.
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