For Sale $999 MAB motor [no joke]

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by darwin, Jan 6, 2014.

  1. darwin

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    I just don't know what to say, cept it's a pretty lil thing. Oh the install kit is extra, dang at that price you'd think they'd throw a bike in with it.

  2. grinningremlin

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    It's for 1/4 scale RC buggies, the mount wouldn't be necessary for us.I don't know if we could use it, or AFFORD it, it's probably a high HIGH winder that has little low end grunt (for our loading), AND it requires a special pipe.With every dave's order you get a sticker AND a mint, may be worth it,...wink.
  3. darwin

    darwin Well-Known Member

    Yea was wondering the dimensions on the motor were, still its 63cc.
  4. joshua97

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    ya they are for 1/5 bajas with a skopod conversion, also moddabe for rc planes. if ya want a great rc motor (maybe rear friction conversion
    ) try the rcmk 7.2 hp 30 cc motor for about 400$
  5. dchevygod

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    Whoa guys you haven't seen a g62 on a Goped GSR yet!?!? Well I guess I'm part of another whole sport with the Gopeds. This is what i know about the G62. The Goped pro60 Bigfoot had one with a spindle drive, the motor was fairly unchanged when used on the pro60. Now there are two different kits, Skopod and Trevor Simpson G62 conversions. Those allow the use of a 76mm clutch shoe and a pull start as well as a regular magneto coil and cooling finned flywheel and engine covers.

    The tourqe on this motor is so insane! The clutches are really hard to keep from frying. And they only rev to 8000 rpm without any mods, but its like any goped motor if you got the coin to upgrade the thing a bit the parts are out there, this is IMHO the best motor out there for appearance and performance. I helped assemble a bad a$$ gsr60 with a buddy I'll dig up a video, I'm too poor to afford one at the moment but one day...

    Hold on
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  6. dchevygod

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    Skopod60 Kit
    Reeded/ported by me
    TS Headkit 15:1 done
    77b/223 throttle shaft/TS linkage
    Running straight methanol


    Blued finish
    Cable holes
    Reinforced mount box

    Fender/Tank mount:

    1st pic shows how I let(inside joke) the frame rust so it would have proper petina after clean/re-oil. I had to make it go up, swig out, go up instead of just straight up(to miss the pipe)
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