99cc Predator engine upgrade

Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by azbill, Feb 1, 2012.

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  2. azbill

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    first I stripped the engine of anything not needed
    gas tank, exhaust, governer, throttle parts,,,etc

    I made a linkage setup similar to Mac's, except,
    not having a vice, I used some flat steel and an angle bracket

    I used a piece of aluminum, bolted to the top and a spring from the original throttle to move the butterfly lever
  3. azbill

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    next, I cut the weld holding the muffler to the exhaust header,,,
    I plan on running my flex-exhaust off of it untill I can get a new header fabbed

    more to come as I get further along into this ;)
  4. Richard H.

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    Will this be a race bike? I was told the law is 49cc and under in AZ for use on the street???
  5. azbill

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    yes,,,it is over the limit ;)
  6. Richard H.

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    So I guess that means it will be used on public streets? Asking cause I'm thinking about spending some time in AZ. I can see a few cc's over the limit not being an issue but that engine is double. Just wondering your take on how things work there.
  7. azbill

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    I have been riding in my little town for about 6 yrs or so :),,,
    the local 'boys' all know me and don't even look my way anymore
    it helps that I am a very responsible rider (hand signals, full stops,,,etc)

    my bike is my personal transportation as well as my granddaughters' private 'limo'
    (I live with my daughter and watch the girls while mom n dad are working ;))
    they are growing and the trailer ain't no lightweight either,,,
    that is the main reason for upping the engine

    this is why I do what I do :):)
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  8. Gen3Benz

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    I guess the cops here have better things to do. I have ridden my bike+6.5 push trailer to work more times than I can count. Have passed cops on several occasions, most didnt even look at me, one even laughed and waved.

    Looking forward to seeing your finished 99cc bike!