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  1. loquin

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    that you might be interested in. I've bought from the before; (SLAs) they've always delivered, and the prices are good.

    I was VERY interested, the last time I checked, with their high capacity NiMH batteries.

    up to 2.9AH from a double-A, and 10AH (!) from a "D" cell (flashlight) battery...


  2. Flapdoodle

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    This may make it a whole new ballgame for electric bikes. A home built battery pack could be made of virtually any voltage and when a cell dies you replace just that one instead of the whole battery pack. Which was one of my reasons for choosing a Happy Time over electric.
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    The problem with these high capacity D cells is that they have low C rates for their size - As low as 1C (ie. you can only get 10A out of them) wheras the Sub C's used in battery drills etc. have a lower capacity, but much higher C rates - You can pull 40A out of some of these puppies...
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    I suppose you could wire 4 in parallel...
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    You could, but then you need to consider charging + cell balancing - you cant just charge a NiMh with constant current.
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    i didn't fool around with nicad I went straight from SLA to Li Ion. Shopped for about a year terry at http://www.hightekbikes.com/ had the best quality at the best price.
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    10A discharge rate would be more than enough for bicycle electrical systems when it comes to lighting and horns though. You could make a sick 10 to 12 cell pack for around $100. You can run a lot of lighting for a long time with 10AH with the benefit of lighter weight, adjustable form factor and more recharge cycles.
    I personally still prefer lithium technologies though. I keep the NIMH for "normal" smaller backup lighting running AA or AAA cells.

    Nice find, some interesting products on that site. To know they're reliable and not a card number trap is also a big plus.
  8. loquin

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    I've bought from them several times. No complaints.