A better engine for a board track replica

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    Like many others here, I love the old board track racers, and while the replicas that many people make look beautiful, the engine never just looks right to me. Is there anywhere we can purchase low power singles and/or vtwins that look even somewhat like the old engines from the 'teens? I say low power, because we all know a 1000cc modern vtwin would tear a bicycle frame in half, yet the old 1913 indian racer had a 1000cc v twin that had less than 10 horsepower. Does anyone make a vintage looking, low power v twin or large single?

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    I guess to say the obvious, I am planning on building a motorized bicycle, as similar to the board track racers as I can. If an appropriate engine is available for a reasonable price, I would like to build it properly (who wouldn't want a 1000cc v-twin on their bike?) However if an engine like this isn't available, then I'll just build it with a standard 49cc engine.
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    I have seen some large(like 100cc) motors for large scale R/C planes. I even think there is a v twin. I cant remember how cool it looks but you can check it out. Also you could find a honda v twin from somewhere like northern equipment and strip all the sheet metal off but its going to be pretty big. Sorry i cant help more but maybe it will get you in a better direction.
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    I've seen the v twin engines like the briggs and stratton and honda generator engines, but the only issue with them is that they're too wide. Height and length I'm fine with, I'll modify the frame so it fits, but too wide and I'll be banging my legs on it. Plus they're ugly, haha. The plane motors are a very realistic possibility, albeit sometimes on the pricey side (from what I've seen).

    Another option I was thinking of was to just use the engine/tranny from an old 70's motorcycle, something like a honda CB125. While definitely more powerful than the 49cc singles most often used, I think that 125 is low power enough that I could make it work safely in a bike frame with some reinforcement, thick spokes, and good brakes.
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    You know, the more I look at them, the more I think the 2 stroke, 49cc engines we use are **** near perfect, just too small. More specifically, too short. If there was one that was similar to the same size as the current little ones (maybe a touch larger in the crankcase area) but had a cylinder that was a good 2-3 inches longer, that would be a perfect look. I imagine that doesn't exist though haha.
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    Wow, did you guys see that 250cc v twin?
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    I've seen the lifan v twin, and I'd love to build something around that, but I was hoping for something more... vintage looking. The jugs on the old v twins in board trackers look like a pipe with some fins brazed on (who knows, maybe they are). Does anyone make old replica v twins?
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    You can buy model V-Twin but they cost way to much $$$$$$$$$:veryangry:
    The one that i would buy if i had money and IF the person that build it made more would be the one in the picture(v-twin) but i also found one that you can by plans but looks to small and not as good(i dont like the cover with the fans on the top of it)

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    That little v twin looks perfect! Sadly I think the only way I'll be able to get the look I want without breaking the bank is to start welding/fabricating my own stuff.
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    I think if one ground the cylinder fins in a circle and then put on one of those billet heads on it may look more vintage. Still woudn't look like a boardtracker but it may look alot like a 1914 Pope single.
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    Andrew - you're right, that Komet KPV-100 would look great in a bike. Yikes on the price though.

    Meatwad - that's a great idea, I feel kinda like a bozo for never thinking of that haha. I'll have to try that once I get my bike.
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    the lifans look cool, but did you notice how blinkin' heavy they are?
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    I am new to this but was hopen y'all had a good sugestion I was thinkink of usein a 5hp briggs but I also want speed of at least 40
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    I've got the same delima i have found a new head design that makes it a bit taller I'm thinking of trying it out on mine problem I got is I dont want to pedal


    I have been looking for a engine for my next build for some time now. After looking at thousands of pic on hundreds of sites, I have now given up.......
    I didn't find anything that looks right or cost BIG$$$$$$$$s.
    This is what I'm going to try. It's a cheap Harbor Freight 79cc. It will be mounted as shown with the cylinder vertical. It's a simple splash oiling system so just by adjusting the oil level and new dip stick, it will work. (note: the cam in this engine is plastic!!) All the tin, extra mounts and plastic fan will come off.
    A nice cover for the coil and new carb mount and some antiquing I think it will look better. Worst case, I'll burn it up......at least I'll know "that" doesn't work !!

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    Here I will state the odviouse- the engines of those days were hopelessly inefficiant. What required 500cc of motor in 1905 can now be accomplished with 48cc. People who make replica aircraft run into the same issue- making it quite difficult to create an accurate craft that is safe to fly. Given the displacement of some of these mills tha you all are drooling over, you might as well cross the line and build it as a motorcycle...
    just my $.02-
    the Old Sgt. :army:
  20. Hot Dog Piggy Tails

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    49cc's being 500cc of side valve power

    totally different unit.Different look different power. both fun. but 500cc of any bike is scary fun on a bicycle wohoh! ! !