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A better exhaust gasket


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Nov 14, 2018
What size round drill bit is that you use to cut center hole
I suggest not to use a step bit it won't cut the gasket material clean or fast like a hole saw will.
Measure the exhaust hole and use the nearest size hole saw. Like shown in post #26 & #28
I made gaskets for a Whizzer 4 stroke 138cc Flathead and drilled the hole to 7/8" which is = to 22mm
But I had to enlarge the exhaust gasket hole to 23.35mm using a 1" grinding stone that I tapered myself to fit the cyl exhaust hole perfect.
If the hole saw will only get the gasket close to the DIA ya need you can finish it off like I did. But I'm sure there are other ways to skin a KAT


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