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  1. My Monarch with the 5-1/2 Jiang Dong and 3-speed jackshaft had a problem. the fuel gauge self-destructed leaving a 1" hole in the top. I took a peanut tank off a Hodaka Ace 90 my son started trials riding on years ago, but it was rusted through. Then I spotted the pretty little chrome Hodaka tank. Why not? :idea:It fit perfectly between seat and steering head. It probably holds 2-1/2 gal. I made a clamp for the rear mount and tonight I braved 17 deg. in the shop:ack2: to mill a front clamp from magnesium. It is gonna work slick. The spring fork is chrome and fenders stainless steel, and tank is chrome. The rest is powder coated yellow. I uncovered a 2 ft dia. thin stainless steel pump diaphragm in the garage. A piece of that is going to be screwed to the front clamp and extend back under the tank, hiding the frame and 2-1/4" wide gap in the tank ears. It will be a perfect place for a kill switch if ever needed.:sweatdrop: I am going to have to go into the engine stuff removing the tank and cleaning the carburator. I don't know if the governor (cruise control} is going to survive. Tempted to just go direct and let 'er eat.:grin5: I am only using 3100 rpm on cruise and that is 42 mph... At least I have a front caliper brake and motorcycle clutch lever to crimp it with now. The rear coaster sucks. I may end up lacing the heavy Worksman rear rim to a Honda 50 rear drum if I can't find a moped hub that is smaller. KW

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