A Better Way to mount the New Gen. Whizzer muffler

Nov 14, 2018
Howzit Everyone,
If you don't like the way your muffler mounts. Dose it wiggle and leak exhaust?
I remember getting my Whizzer back in 2005. I was disapointed right away with how the muffler mounted. It only had one mount in the rear and a set screw up front and the muffler hung so low. First thing I did was to take the baffle out. By having only one mount in the rear the muffler would wiggle and that's not good with the set screw trying to hold the muffler pipe in the exhaust manifold up front. I put a jam nut on the set screw and rode the bike anyways. It didn't take long for the rear bracket to break off.That SUCKED. I threw together some dumb looking brackets to hold the muffler on for a while. Until I got SICK of it. There was exhaust leaking from the front and the muffler still wiggled. So I ordered a new muffler a high flow insert a new exhaust manifold with a new barrel gasket. The old exhaust manifold got warped from using that Stupid set screw. .
I was happy with the new muffler, bigger pipe and a high flow insert. But I was not going to mount it with that STUPID set screw and use that WEAK rear muffler bracket. So I just cut off the WEAK muffler bracket. I found 3 motorcycle engine guard foot peg mounts in my garage. 2 were for 1 1 /4 " pipe and one for 1' pipe Perfect. I used all 3 in the rear. Now the muffler was mounted solid, no wiggling. I mounted one bracket with a spacer to the brake arm clamp and the other bracket to bracket to the frame with some rubber padding.
Up front where the muffler pipe fits into the exhaust manifold. I kept the set screw and jam nut in the manifold just to plug the hole .I used 2 springs to hold the exhaust pipe in the manifold. I fabricated a way to hook the 2 springs to the exhaust manifold cooling fins and used a hose clamp to hold the springs to the exhaust pipe.( A common way to mount a motorcycle muffler to a exhaust manifold).
Now I could align the exhaust muffler pipe perfect into the barrel gasket and manifold. Spring pressure kept the muffler pipe and barrel gasket snugly aligned into the exhaust manifold.
Ya see-- I wanted a FIX that was going to work and not leak ( I still can't seal the exhaust leak 100% but it's a lot better at 99% sealed I even tried wrapping a little packing around the pipe ).
Now I don't have to worry about it ever again.
Still perfect after 10 years.
Ya might like this... When I have to remove the motor from the bike. I can leave the muffler mounted on the bike.
I just remove the 2 studs I made holding the muffler manifold to the cyl. Then pull the motor. I have the motor and motor mounts marked. So perfect alignment with the motor mounts and exhaust manifold when putting the motor back in. The way I mount the exhaust manifold is in this order 1) Studs and a new exhaust manifold gasket if needed 2) exhaust manifold 3) compression release bracket 4) 10mm nut 5) heat shield 6) washer 7) chrome acorn nut. By using the 10mm nut before the heat shield makes the mount solid. Removes the stress. From just trying to hold everything together with long bolts.
I make my own exhaust gaskets. Made bunch a while back.
I hope this info can help someone.
Here are some pictures.
ALOHA Wrench


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