A big hardy hello from HardyBikes.com

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    Well, we just wanted to say hello. This forum is a great resource for people, and we are really glad it is here.

    We are from Bowling Green, KY and there aren't any retailers selling bikes here. So we decided to fill the need and start a shop. We are still getting everything online, but things are moving steadily. In fact we are currently taking orders. www.HardyBikes.com

    We are selling fully assembled motorized bikes, starting at 399.99:tt1: + shipping. (Lowest prices anywhere, we dare you to find lower!)

    We have three models of bikes to choose from, a mountain, a commuter, and a cruiser. (The cruiser is so sick!) As soon as the website is in its final form, we are going to buy some advertising space here on MotoredBikes.com. Until then, we just wanted to let everybody know who we are. Thanks guys!


  2. SimpleSimon

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    Bowling Green, eh? Beautiful little city - I'm surprised too hear there wasn't a bike shop in town. You certainly have some great backroads touring country in your area - last time I was there was in 2003, and I really like the town.

    I'll be interested to look over your site when it is up and completed - your price on a "ready to ride" bike is great!
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    welcome and very cool i am only about an hour south of you guys might have to come visit one day.......... cant wait to see your merchandise section
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