A big hello from New Mexico

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  1. Hi guys! I have been lurking around for a couple weeks now, and I sure have learned a lot.

    Oh, before I begin, I feel I must explain my name a bit. Cow Nose was the mascot of a favourite magazine I read as a kid, InQuest Gamer, and when she died, I decided to take on her name and live on as Cow Nose forever! That was when I was 13... I'm 19 now and still not sick of Cow Nose! Yup its a weird name but I love it.

    I first got into motored biking when a co-worker talked to me about it. I decided to look on the internet for him for good deals and what products were available, etc. before I knew it I was completely addicted and reading everything I could on motored bikes! Now I want one for myself. :D

    I have a nice "hybrid" style bike, one of those cross between a street and a mountain bike ones. It's pretty nice, but I have always felt it just wasn't as "tough" as my old mountain bike. I'll be motorizing it though, it will definitely go fast I just hope it will hold up.

    After lots of research I'm looking at the friction drive from http://bikemotorparts.com/kit.html. From what I can tell it's not as good as the staton, but still very good! I think it will suit my purposes just fine, and the price is a lot better then the staton.

    I wanted the GEBE, I was even willing to save up for it, but they said on the website that it would not fit my 27" tires.

    I looked at the chain drives too, and I might still get one, but for now I want to get going quick'n'easy and the friction seems soo much simpler then the chain to install and maintain.

    I'm getting my engine from staton though, the Robin Subaru EH035 (http://www.motorizedwheelbarrow.com/Details.asp?ProductID=3086)

    I actually tried to buy the motor local, but noone seemed to have it in stock (apparently thats typical according to one guy I talked to) and finally someone said they would order it and charge me $335, $100 more then the staton website. Oh well. :/ I always prefer to shop locally and I thought I could save money on shipping costs, but it seems not!

    One thing tho, is that I kinda got this dream (from reading these forums it gave me the idea) of traveling long distances on my bike. here is my plan so far:

    First I'm gunna go fishing in northern New Mexico, maybe 115 miles or so.

    Next I was going to attempt the Telluride Bluegrass Festival (telluride colorado), a 287 mile trip with almost 1/2 of it possibly being rather steep. (definitly uphill the whole way with some parts getting really steep, I will be heavily assisting that motor I'm sure!)

    Then I was thinking of trying to go visit my friends in California, but that would be a lot of going through desert country.. might be difficult.

    Finally, I would love to try to go to alabama to go visit my grandparents. I think this would be a very fun trip. I have been in the south before and I liked it, and I would definitly have some adventure going there! (or any of these places)

    Well, there we go thats my intro. :D I can post now yayy! Actually got to go to work.. :(

    PS: My engine and kit should cost me about $417 total, not bad! I have $200 in the bank saved for it, I just moved a couple months ago so money is a bit tight. But it shan't be long before I'm motor biking! Wheeee...:helmet:

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    welcome -- that should work out to be a -- pretty nice set up for you

    looks like you did your homework well

    have fun with the many miles a comming on that motor bike THING
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    Good intro post. Lot's of information.

    I like the idea of long distance travelling by motor assisted bicycle. But keep in mind that average speed is low. Most of us probably couldn't afford it.

    But if you're able to bring money, then it could be a great thing to do.

    But even if that can't work, riding local is on heckuva lot of fun. It's also green and increases your sense of independence.

    You'll enjoy it. See you around.
  4. Interesting, I never thought of it as being more expensive. I suppose it would be if I were staying in hotels and such.

    Haha, thanks for the reply moutainman you are like my hero seriously.
  5. bluegoatwoods

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    It's not that the riding and operating is so expensive itself.

    But during that time we're not generating any income. That's what kills the deal.
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    Welcome to MBc. :)

    More Smiles to the mile.
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    Welcome to MBc. My first foray into the motored bike world was a friction kit too. It still runs great.
  8. Happy Valley

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  9. Wow.. you know I must be really out of it, I didn't realize that HV. I think I was thinking the staton kits where $200 more, but looking at this here this package deal is the same price as what I was going to buy separately, and I think those 2 items cost shipping as well. Sweet deal! Yeah knowing the quality of the staton kit, that's what I want for sure. Thanks a lot HV.
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    You're gonna like the Staton. I used to think friction was too hard on the tire, but I've changed my mind after seeing a couple of them.
  11. Yeah, this is actually like a test to see how long tires last with a friction... if it's a long time then I might just consider going long distance with a friction drive! Yeah I think my setup will really fit my need for ese of installation and I wont have to worry about the engine falling apart on me.

    I'm totally planning on trying out all the other types of drives tho. You know, someday! There are just so many great ideas on this site. Like, the one idea where its that kit which turns your bike into a tandem, then you can attach the motor to that, making it a pusher+extra seat, I mean omg thats so awesome! I really wanna do that one. maybe try out the GEBE with that one. (I kinda see myself w/ a girl on that tandem thing, hey dreams are good right lol) To be perfectly honest, and yeah I know I'm kinda sticking my neck out here, but I hate driving. It really freaks me out, I just cant handle it. That's why I'm so excited about mb's because honestly I dont ever see myself driving. Maybe someday, I sort of want to become an electrician (thinking about it, working for the power company) and I would need a drivers license for that, not to mention it would be a big old truck. omg!

    One thing about the economy and gas and all that is that being anti-car (yes I'm sorry I am, just one of those bikers u see angry at all the cars, I shouldnt be tho everyones different etc.) isn't seen as such a bad thing these days. And honestly, with insurance, and gas, and repairs and all that. It just doesn't seem worth it to me o_O

    The only thing I would want a car for is fishing... and man is it so tempting to get one just for that!

    I'm gunna try to ride up to my fishing spot first tho, that will be a really good test. If I can get a bike up there then I'm set lol. Sucks I have been asking all my friends with cars for rides to go fishing, none of them want to lazy mfers! I have used almost all the options I can to get up there except renting a car (not worth it) or getting my own vehicle. :p
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    Hey CowNose,
    Also like the idea of long distance travel on my MB. Bluegoatwoods makes an important point about not generating income while on the road, not to mention the added expense of a chase van; though it would save money camping out instead of motels. I've always wanted to kayak in the Sea of Cortez, so it's the southern route for me complete with custom kayak trailer. 40 days and 40 nights ought to do it from SC to San Diego. I'll meet you in Tucson.
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    best riding of both worlds !!!

    a little girl THING on the back of a motor bike THING

    the best riding of both worlds !!!

    we love those THINGS