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    Hi, I'm Jay,
    I have been working on and off with electric hub motors and have a few Staton gas motors but want to try my hand at an independent electric motor attachment to sprocket on a trike. Have a few worksman adaptable cargo trikes sitting around and would like to build a system off of that to take down some tough woods roads. I'd like to get some good range, possibly 50 miles which I can get with a good set of wheelchair 73 AH gel cells. I know that the weight and the suspension issue will be my biggest problem but the trike can handle the weight.Will be using a 24 volt system so only 2 12 volts batts are needed. Should give me enough watts o not go over the 50% rule. Question to professional tinkerers is: What is the best motor/hp for this application. Has anyone utilized the Scott PM motor? What are the fattest tire anyone has gotten on a worksman trike? Thanks for any and all comments.

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    Hi Jay, not too many electric tinkerers here. To me the best motor is one you put gas in. I messed with elect for a bit and went gas. Oh and welcome to Motoredbikes!