A Big Howdy To All!

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    Howdy Folks-Joined a few days ago and am glad I found this webpage! Seems like the wrong place for a Harley rider to be ,but **** truthfully its almost as much of an adrenaline rush bookin' around on my 20 Year old Schwinn Cruiser with a 36 V Racer Motor topping out at 36 mph as it is toolin' down the tollway on the souped up Sporty.Have also recently picked up Rotary bike on the cheap and will embark upon a 50 cc Honda chain drive project kit this winter for my mid '80's era Murray Monterrey once I get that 30 cc Rotary a roarin'!

  2. stude13

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    welcome retro; lots of motorcycle riders here feeling the same way. a rotary? wow! keep us posted. mitch
  3. terrence

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    Hi Retro, welcome. Past fatboy rider here. Hit a deer at 65mph and lived to talk about it.
    Yes these bikes are a sport/hobby of there own. Its hard to compare it to a cycle but
    its a blast in its own rite.
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    Welcome to MBc, Retro! You're right, these bikes are different than riding a Harley, they're constant grin generators! Enjoy the ride!

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    Re: Stude 13 & Terrence

    Mitch - Yes...guess I bought TWO of them because the price was right ,but will sell one eventually.The parts for them need to be purchased from Australia from what I gather,unless I can get a referral for a distributer or shop that repairs or sell them from this website.

    & TERRENCE- Guess the 2 -wheel Motorgods were with you that day! Hope it wasn't too catastrophic and glad your still with us!