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  1. lilhudi

    lilhudi New Member

    i ordered a 49 cc slant head 4 stroke engine .
    i havent recieved it yet but am quite excited.
    i have looked at all the photos and discussions and after looking at my bike i see a problem. the wheel i have in the back of my bike has a odd bearing system i took it all apart for the heak of it and realised that im going to have a problem mounting the back gear.

    maby the instructions will help me out .
    but i thought some one might have had this same kind if issue

    also any bits of mounting advice anyone has would be nice

  2. stude13

    stude13 Active Member

    hi; what bike. please enter home town, maybe an mber near by. mitch
  3. lilhudi

    lilhudi New Member

    its a schwinn 21 speed street hibrid

    nashville tn green hills