A bit of re-organizing...

Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by gone_fishin, Jan 31, 2007.

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  1. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    in case you haven't noticed, this place is going nuts!

    so, in order to keep up, we've re-organized (again)...

    the volunteer staff will be trying to glean thru "general discussion" and "technical & mechanical help" to split the content into 3 areas of interest.

    "general discussion" will remain pretty much just that.

    "technical & mechanical help" will be for specific "regular" Q & A, kind of like a chilton's manual.

    "wild in the streets" will now contain the experiments, tweaks, performance modifications, etc.

    as things are moved, your "new posts" stats shouldn't be affected.

    sorry for yet another inconvenience, folks, but we're growing so doggone fast it just had to happen.

    this is a good time to say thank you all for being here, we're having a blast!! 8)

  2. pianoman8t8

    pianoman8t8 Guest

    ...and it's a blast being here, augie,being able to see everyone's info about what they's done, experimented with, had problems with, and have solutions to... A real place where someone can get pretty much any kind of info when it comes to motored bicycles. Thanx for setting up this place, I'm not sure who to give thanx to, but it seems you are one. Thanx
    (I think Tom, too...right?)
  3. etheric

    etheric Guest

    Pianoman: Tom set the whole shedang up, it was his original vision. Augi then stepped up and took charge of some other responsibilities and rocked the moderation.
    Terrible two they are. Terrific two, is really more like it.
    And now Augi got some recruits and the moddy team spread to where I think Augi doesn't want to be the top dog anymore (since before he was the only dog)

    I like the new split too. Thank you.
  4. pianoman8t8

    pianoman8t8 Guest

    thanx for the clarity... i appreciate it... and thanx Tom, also.