A Boy, His MotoredBike, and A Volcano

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    this is C & P from my personal site which i'm closing down...it's about my shake-down run to mount st helens last autumn...it was pretty cool.

    August 17-19, 2009

    What an Adventure this was!

    Ocean Park to Mount St Helens and back...3-days, 300 miles.

    I left Ocean Park at 9am Monday, and arrived 111 miles later at the Silver Lake Resort...a marvelous place to be the "FNG"...I met some Navy Veterans (me too Navy) who helped me with hot coffee in the morning & cold beer at nite, and they kinda got the clerk to give me a "Support Our Troops" discount so's i could use the RV space next to them & have an outlet to charge my lights at night.

    VERY NICE people, both resort staff & my fellow campers.

    Tuesday I hit the road about 10am for the 43 miles to the end of Rt 504 and Mt St Helens. I climbed a sum total of 3700 ft in elevation, but I think I re-climbed some of it several times...going in both directions there were bridges to nowhere, downward sprints that curled your toes (remember we have to climb this going back) and upward gr-i-i-nds that made me wanna toss in the towel (remember we get to zoom down this when we go back)...

    The Bike performed flawlessy! I didn't always, tho...I had the devil of a time keeping the fuel mixture right, and should have switched to a lower gear before starting out. When I started up one of the many 6% grades, it took mere minutes to decide to stop and gear down...but I still spent the entire day on the pedals, sometimes at 11mph for 4 miles at a time...just keep your head down and don't stop until you roll over the crest.

    But a few miles of 40mph downhillin' makes you forget ALL about that climb, believe it!

    This is my view from Silver Lake, approx. 32 miles as the crow flies.

    This is where the real Adventure started for me, approaching my first bridge-to-nowhere

    And this is that bridge, one of two that soar over Kid Valley.
    You get to swoop down on this bridge, but it ends with the beginning of a long climb...the second bridge is just out of sight to the left, it's a long graceful curve to the right...and if you look at the far slope, you'll see where we're heading after that.

    Note how generous the outside "lane" is...and very clean...both ways, all the way. Don't look down on the bridges, tho, the concrete sides are low enough to see over when you're that close...can you say "vertigo" ?

    So...up, down, up, down...up...up...2 hours of hard riding...

    And Then, I Was There.
    mvc-007s.jpg mvc-010f.jpg mvc-014f.jpg

    Thanks for looking :)
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  2. tom80

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    Looks like a great ride! Do you know how many miles per gallon? Its good to hear how well your bike performed.
  3. augidog

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    ocean park to silver lake:

    13T drivegear
    avg speed=24.7mph
    max speed=43.7mph

    silver lake to mount st helens (round-trip):

    13T drivegear quickly switched to 12T:
    avg speed=22.2mph
    max speed=41.8mph

    silver lake to ocean park:

    12T drivegear
    avg speed=25.5
    max speed=40.3mph

    total fuel consumption=2.75 gal.
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    2.75 gallons?

    Now that's CHEAP entertainment!!!!
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    113 mpg's & a lifetime worth of memories.
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    Augi - how did you carry all that camping stuff? I guess "living light" like that brings someone closer to nature. Maybe in 15-20 years I will be up to an adventure like that!
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    thanks for the comments guys :)

    this adventure whetted my appetite, alright...however, i'm not so sure it's about getting closer to nature, which i've always appreciated, but distancing myself from the stress that's today's society. i can't do anything about things, can never "improve" my position in life, can only improve my outlook...and doggone if this MB hasn't been exactly what the doctor ordered...when i'm riding i don't care about nothin' else :D

    i backpack everything i can't lash to the bike.

    here's what "we" looked like then:


    i had purposely over-packed for a mere 3-day trip, as i needed to know how much i can carry. i've changed a few things, mainly by adding a larger sleeping bag (which easily stows with a small cargo-net), which changed everything else. but, now i have a great setup i think i'll be able to live with & that i know the bike can haul:


    repetative i know for some of you, as i said i'm closing out my personal site and didn't really wanna lose some cool pics & such :cool:
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    Hi I'm michael m and live in Vancouver Wa. I would love to make that ride with you if your interested in doing it again! Maybee next time through woodland up around St.helens to pack wood??? I to ride a golden eagle set up have over 10,000 miles behind my belt or belt's.sure would like to talk to you.
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    hi michael m :)

    well, i don't think i'll make that run again...i'm leaving the PNW in 2 months for some serious miles. but, i have some things i need to do in vancouver next month, maybe we can make something of that. if not, then i'll be heading north to visit with uncle_punk13 at the end of april for a send-off blast, and then heading east on rt 12 for all points unknown. you have a PM :cool2: