A Build of a fellow rider Desceist neighbor

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  1. Dedicated Build of Neighbors (PAST ON) Wife's Commuter. He came up and asked that I Build a Motoredbike out of this bad boy I said Sure. So I spent the Night building it It was nice. Turned out great.

    This Build is a 70cc Tiger LiveFastMotors Kit Build.
    Went with the standard of all my builds Grade 5 Black Phospated 1/4" Motor mount upgrade Drill and tap, All hardware is gone over, Double nutting, Fenders were allready the HD Bolt Steel kind, work the throttle cable length for closed to Wide open Ventury, Drill out the Needle valve to 1/16", Double nut tehExhaust Linear thickness sprocket gromet, cut fold drill and mount the Chain guard(Fab), Checked alignment, Clamped Clutch handle for minimum Handle play / Maximum Lock, thread lock nuts and double nut, Rubberized frame (Tank), chain gaurd, pedal side chain gaurd dropped 1/16" for clearance then rubberized. Few other precautions Ran it to test it then opened and drained then dried fuel system for storage.

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  2. spunout

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    looks and sounds like a solid build. well done :)

    it's nice to have done it in commemoration of the deceased.

    but WHY storing it? tell that guy to get out there and ride it in the crappiest slush storm available. just makes a guy appreciate nice weather that much more.
  3. yeah.. Ride it.... Ride it!

    Hes got a hurt shoulder and probably wont be doing much for riding Motoredbikes for the next 5 -8 months.man. cleaned out the float bowl and let the system air dry. But he did say go have fun with it. Hhe I told him I did HAHAHA I said remember you said to work the bugs out I was feeling funny he said yup good dry the tank out Ill be back from the Bank soon I said Allright Buddy. Came back and very appreciatively paid me. He's ordered a Blackie from me, Additionally, for next Month For his Friend.


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