A Carefully Measured 125 Mpg


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10:36 AM
Jun 26, 2008
This morning I decided to find out just what kind of mpg my Whizzer gets. It's an NE5 with manual clutch. Stock other than the usual tuning required just to get it to run (timing, mushroom lifters, carb swap, a handful of jets, restrictor plate improvements, maybe improvements to the exhaust baffle, K&N air filter, and probably some other things I'm forgetting).

The loop was 48.8 miles indicated on the Whizzer speedometer. Conditions were nice - 70 degrees, hardly any wind. Not real hilly but a couple good ones along the route. Mostly rural - I think I waited for two stop lights, lots of stop signs though (and I stop at stop signs). I ran about 28mph which seems to be the sweet spot cruising speed for this bike.

I carefully measured the fuel level in the tank with a steel rule before leaving. Bike on center stand and front wheel - handlebars full to the right. When I returned I added a measured amount of fuel from a graduated cylinder until the level was exactly what I measured before leaving. I haven't weighed in lately but I probably go around 220.

I used exactly 50 oz's of gas over the 48.8 miles. This works out to 125 mpg.
Good work. I've been measuring fuel consumption on some regular runs. But I don't have an odometer. So I only know that one ride takes 16oz, another takes 29, etc. I'd like to pin down my exact mpg. But maybe it doesn't matter; I do know that the cost of fuel is just not an issue. Life is good.
Mine is a 32cc GEBE two stroke - #14

on mostly WOT riding I am looking at a fairly accurate 157mpg with a litre of fuel providing 26-27 miles and probably more if I was less heavy on the throttle.

Im getting more, but then its a small engine - I should imagine I would get much more if I worked out a way to jackshaft it to the 7-speed hub on the bike.

Jemma xx