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    Florida, Virginia, Arizona, Nevada and Pennsylvania all seem to be MB friendly states as I read these notes- Eastern Washington seems very tolerant as opposed to the west coast where the law gets absurd. I do not know about Oregon or Idaho or Alabama for that matter, but if they are also MB friendly then there's a pattern that bears investigation- except for Washington, all of the aforementioned are class III states. This means that a resident of these states with a clean background can leaglly own a fully automatic firearm that is federally registered! Those states where I hear horror stories about inept or power drunk cops running roughshod over MBrs tend to be the ones where class III is not allowed. I am not certain if this is across the board with ALL class III- or non-class III for that matter- but it looks like something to investigate. Is there anyone out there who can find evidence to the contrary? If my observation proves true, I have a theory as to why...
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    In DE class 3 firearms are illegal.

    Not even a mention of motorbikes in Delaware Code. Long story short legality wise, they'd normally fit under moped, but if your engine is over 55cc or 2.7 hp it's not a moped. Motor vehicle is self propelled (no pedals), and motorcycles are motor vehicles. Motorized skateboards/scooters (illegal on roads) have to propel the device without human propulsion (pedal start anyone?). Otherwise, it's not legally defined as anything. Lots of printed stuff to keep with you while you ride though.

    So as long as you're over 55cc/2.7hp and have pedals you're in a grey area and not breaking motor vehicle laws just by riding. Obviously most people follow speed limits, obey stop signs, etc.

    Cops around here generally don't seem to care though, so long as you're not causing any problems or pulling stupid stunts on them.
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    Florida does seem rather amicable towards MBs. All you have to have is a Motorcycle endorsement on your license. I'll still keep a copy of our Laws just in case I get stopped by the cops of the town I live near (Temple Terrace), as they are absolute tyrants and beg for any reason to mess with anyone. Most of the rest of the police in the area are fine, as long as you obey laws.
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    OK- it seems that I can account for two non-class III states that allow for MBs- Deleware and the eastern half of Washington. Is there a class III state that clamps down on them? BTW- California is in a class by itself (as usual). Those units that are CARB compliant and registered are fine- how can you tell it's CARB compliant? It doesn't run well or at all. AND- you can only own class III in California if it is availiable to the motion picture industry as a blank shooter or a foley sound source!!! So, yea,you can... but there's extra hoops and fees and inspections and taxes and ... you get the gyst.