A "Clink" then no gap on the plug now no Power. A

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Mile High Chop-Ped, May 1, 2007.

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  1. I was messing with my daughter's bike with a 48cc Livefast engine. I took off at low speed and heard a "clink" then it didn't run right. I coasted back down the hill to the house and pulled the plug to find it had been smacked by the piston and had no gap. (Stock Plug) Re-gaped it and the bike had very little power bogging under a load. Stuck in another plug and same thing. Any Ideas?

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    It runs, it idles, it bogs and gets hot fast.
  3. Hugemoth

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    My first guess would be a bad wrist pin bushing. Just pull the cylinder and have a look.

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    If the piston has hit the spark plug don't run it any further.
    Sounds like the main bearings or the piston rod has gone out on ya.
    Examine the innerds!
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  6. Thanks for the wrist pin thought Huge and I will take your advice and open it up and take a look Doc. I had just hoped to avoid that with this post.
    I picked up the engine for $50.00 lightly used and it has run fine for a while. I don't know how another seller bashing Livefast is supposed to answer my question. My experience with Livefast on some components was great and their customer service top-notch. Which is far more then I can say about my experience with motorizedbicyclesdotnet (then Revolutioncycle) on eBay.
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    I've also had good luck with the Tiger engines that Livefast sells. I use one on my daily commute bike. The guy at Livefast has always been very nice on the phone and has shipped orders promptly.

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    More about Livefast

    Just want to add my two cents: I bought my first, and so far only, engine from Livefast. The guy was EXCELLENT to do business with! I had a bunch of dumb questions, and he answered all of them. So far his product is topnotch, my engine is running fine. I have nothing but good things to say about Livefast. By the way, he referred me to his competition's online directions for assembly when I couldn't figure out what was in the kit that Livefast sent to me. Live Long.........Livefast.