a clutch issue.

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    i just came back from a long ride with a mate, when i relised that when i got off the bike that it was harder to push then normal. the clutch was disengaged. i dont think it is the clutch arm because i hasnt seemed to move. also when i have to motor running and its in neutral it moves slowly ( when im off the bike). i have to keep revign it because it still wont idle. even though i get upto 40 kms and have been running it for well over 10 tanks.

    ive got some pictures. also the cardboard is there because im trying to quiet the gears and im not sure weather this cardboard is too thick.

    ok the photos are failing, ill try adding them in tomorrow...

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    haha, just tighten that sucker up using either the in-cable adjustment and handle adjustment, or if you prefer adjust the small brass/steel stopper on the end of the cable.

    When I first got mine, it was VERY hard to get the clutch lever in enough and then to tighten it without letting it slip at all.

    As just another random question, was the clutch ever working and stopped during/after your ride?
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    was working, but when i killed the engine and rolled into the shed, the motor sounded like it was ready to start.
    i adjusted the cable ( took about half an hour) to find the position were it wouldnt want to start with the clutch disengaged and was easy to pedal.
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    clutch gear

    Have any of you, ever have a small bevel wheel crack or break. I came down a side walk and across a drive that was very rough and the motor started to speed up. My Dad tore it down and found this gear broke, cracked right in the teeth. We called Bikeberry and they are going to replace, I have about 3hours on the engine.Thanks
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    Please stick to your thread. People will reply when and if they know.
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